Don't Lie; Love

'Don't Lie; Love' is an original idea, I came up with myself.
I do a lot of fan fictions about Justin because I've molded my writing to them.
I am starting write complete originals soon, but for now I feel more comfortable with fan fictions.
I hope you all don't mind, and still will read my story.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.
My hands shook and tears swelled in my eyes as I clutched at his shirt, now stained with my emotions.
“Don’t lie,” I choked out gripping even tighter as I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth at any given moment...


5. Lie;

“April, I love you.” he whispered against my skin as he kissed my cheek softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he snaked his around my waist. We stood for a while just looking into each other’s eyes and taking in each other’s scents. It had been one full year before he returned to Canada, he was nearly 18 and I had just turned 17. He suddenly leant back enough so he could see my full face. His lips curved into an uncertain smile as he released his arms from around me. “April I need to ask something,” he announced still smiling, I nodded waiting. “April You mean everything to me and I never want to lose you again, will you run way with me? Away from the crazy world as we know it. Get ourselves somewhere cosy and romantic to live, we can be together, alone, in love. What do you say?” he asked with hope in his tone. “Justin, I-I mean.. Of course I will, I love you.” I replied throwing my arms back around him. He hugged back before pulling away again. “April Marie Goulding, you are my world” he said before crashing his lips to mine...

And then I woke up... It had just been a dream, a perfect figure of my imagination; how I wanted my life to turn out. I knew it wouldn’t though, Justin was over me and it was finally time for me to get over him. I looked around hazily at the clock on my bedside table; 5:00am. Ugh, I groaned pulling myself into an upright sitting position. I yawned stretching a little as I climbed out of bed. I felt the cold as soon as my feet hit the floor and I shivered reaching for my gown. Wrapping the soft material around my body and stroking the ties for comfort I headed downstairs. I made myself a warm cocoa and put mini marshmallows in, I grabbed a cereal bar from the biscuit barrel and sat down on the sofa in the lounge. I flicked on the tv and switched it to E! News again. I started having déjà vu and it was getting annoying but I couldn’t turn over until I had seen his face one last time.


“Justin! Justin! Justin!” The paparazzi called out to him as he was rushing through an airport. “Bieber!” one shouted. Justin smirked “Who’s this Bieber kid? I dunno why you guys keep following me ‘round, I have no idea who you’re talking about. I’m Derek.” he replied. “What’s the rumours now then Justin?” another asked ignoring his cockiness. He continued to walk, thinking the question over and then replied, “Well, we are going to.. Aye man where we goin’?” he asked some other guy he was with. The guy mumbled a reply and Justin chuckled “Hahah yeah, we’re going to my funeral. Apparently I’m dead again, that’s now what? Six times!” he laughed again, the paparazzi joined in. I smiled slightly at his joke but shook the feeling of happiness off.. that jerk lied about me, I’m just waiting for him to do it again so I know where I stand. “Yeah, so you asked about rumours again?” the paparazzi nodded their heads from one side and some spoke out their yes’s. Justin smiled into the camera “What have you heard now like?” “Well apparently, you misbehave on planes? And you wouldn’t sign an autograph for the pilot from American Airlines?” Justin laughed and nodded to signal he knew what they were talking about. “And more stuff has been showing up about that girl, your childhood sweetheart? Her apparent name cropped up; April? Ring any bells?” the paparazzi continued. “April? Pretty name that is but I don’t recall knowing anyone by that name, never mind being childhood sweethearts with her?” Justin replied with no sort of emotion in his voice. “So that isn’t why you’re headed back to Canada now then?” the same paparazzi pressed for more. “Don’t you guys remember I lived there once?” Justin chuckled “I’m going to visit my family and friends and see some fans. Pretty basic normal stuff.. If I happen to see some girl called April I’ll let you guys know” he smiled. The paparazzi grumbled some agreements and goodbyes then the cameras shut off. “So Justin isn’t heading back to Canada to catch up with April; his alleged childhood sweetheart, he’s just going for friends, family and fans? Interesting. Stay tuned to hear more celeb gossip and interviews.”

I shut the tv off and sat back, he lied again.

So mum and dad and my brother and sister were right, he isn’t worth it after all. I sighed getting up and walking through to the kitchen with my empty mug. I rinsed it out and went upstairs changing into a pair of dark skinny jeans, a purple t-shirt and a ‘Cool Story Bro... Tell it again’ hoodie. Grabbing my phone and keys I rushed downstairs at 7:00am and unlocked the front door. I could hear my mum and dad waking up and I didn’t want to be stuck here with them rushing around to work so I quickly pulled open the front door and shut it.

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