See You Again

(On Hold Temporarily)
Rachel is a young, independent, adult, out on her own in the world. One afternoon, she's sunbathing on the beach in her new hometown, when she meets a handsome young man. Sparks fly instantly, and they spend dinner in a restaurant. He follows her from the taxi home, and they share a bottle of wine, before Rachel falls asleep. When she wakes up, he is gone.

"Will I See You Again?"


2. Going Crazy

Rachel had managed to numb the pain, but not without a price. The unbelievable amount of caffine in her system made her head spin, and her heart was beating so fast she felt as though it would burst out of her ribcage. She'd only known him for one night, yet his sudden disappearance was tearing her apart, slowly and painfully. She rubbed her thumb along the handle of the coffee cup, needing the warmth it could barely provide. She relaxed back on the sofa, relieving herself of some of the tension that had built up in the pit of her stomach, but there was still an unhealthy amount left. Taking a sip, Rachel relished the strong liquid as it burned the back of her throat, wallowing in the feeling as though it was fire, and she was a victim, accepting that she was going to be swallowed up by the flames. Each sip hurt, yet it was a good hurt, blocking out the emotional pain. Just thinking of it sent shots of pain through her heart, like icy needles.


She rose, but she didn't see the piece of paper, which had strayed from the pile of letters on the armchair, beneath her foot, and unknowingly put her foot down directly in the middle of it. Caught of guard, she slipped and came crashing down, her head colliding with the seat she had been sitting on as she went. The mug of still-hot liquid escaped her grasp, spreading itself across her hand and stomach.

"Aaaaaagh!" She cried through gritted teeth. Her hand was fast turning red, the tender skin throbbing as she pushed herself to a stand, ignoring the wave of dizziness that overcame her. Creeping into the kitchen, she struggled to turn the tap on, sighing in relief as the cold of the water came into contact with her sizzling flesh. However, her peace was short-lived as she felt a sharp jab of pain in her abdomen. Pulling back her shirt to reveal the painful-looking burns, Rachel gasped. She quickly pulled on her coat and sat in the car. The seatbelt stung her injuries more and more as she reached the out of hours doctor. Luckily, he saw her straight away.

"Now," He began, "these burns need treating. But they're only minor, so I reccomend you take car fo yourself, and apply this cream," he held up a small tub of what must've been the cream, "twice a day, once in the morning, once at night." She nodded and left.


The drive back was still painful, but that didn't bother Rachel in the slightest when she lay on the bed, spreading it over the skin. Tonight she was wearing a grey tank top, one that still loosely fitted, unlike her other tops, which were all skin-tight, and a pair of grey shorts. The sheets were in a large jumble at the foot of the bed. Rachel pressed herself into the mattrass, finding as much comfort as she could from the padding, albeit minute. She closed her eyes, but sleep wouldn't come to her. It wasn't until the early hours of the morning that her body gave in and she drifted into a pain-filled sleep.


Rays of sunlight and a mysterious rumbling noise awoke her the following morning. Making no attempt to stretch, she adjusted her position to block out the majority of the sunlight, her mouth forming a perfect 'O' as she yawned. For now, the hectic feelings were at bay. She could rest in peace. Unfortunately, her troubled thoughts soon returned, and, reluctantly, she crawled out of bed, sleepily pulling open the wardrobe doors. It's contents consisted of old tops, jeans, and various sundresses that'd never even been worn. Pulling out a short, white sundress with hot pink flowers, she changed in the bathroom. When she'd finished, Rachel crossed the vinyl flooring to the sink, and turned the handles towards her. Staring at the flow of water for a moment as it began running, she doused her face in it's icy coolness. She looked up. Her heart was in tatters, and her face showed it. Through the mirror, Rachel could see that her sunken eyes had charcoal rings around them, her cheeks were sallow, her nose was pink, and her lips were blue. The doctors would have a field day wondering what had happened-they would never have believed it was just a love affair.

"But it wasn't." Rachel whispered to herself, as if arguing against her own thoughts. Clutching the brim of the basin, she force herself to stand straight, retrieving her sandles from the shoe rack downstairs, and leaving once again.


The town wasn't too busy, with just a few residents and visitors strolling up and down the pavements and occasionally looking in a store window because something caught their eye. Biting her lip, and swallowing hard, she moved forward, approaching a woman with shopping bags on both arms.

"Hello, have you seen a man around? He's got dark brown eyes, medium tanned skin, and is about this tall." She moved her hand so it was just above her head. The few moments before the woman answered seemed to stretch out into minutes, then into hours. She had almost reached days when the woman shook her head and walked on in apparent confusion. Not swayed, but disappointed to say the least, by the reply, Rachel continued on, stopping more and more strangers, asking them the same question, and getting the same answer. No.


Rachel sighed, deflated. It was like asking her parents for something she would never get-the answer was always no. Except once, a man with an attitude had told her,

"Yes, Lass, I have seen a man around. In fact, I'm one." She cursed the world for having people so cruel and unwelcomingly sarcastic as him. Then she realised she was right outside the butcher's shop. The butcher leaned over the counter and smiled warmly. Despite the helplessness and upset that gripped her now, Rachel knew then things would get better, whatever would befall her.

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