Shattered Glass

This is my first story here, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, and if you think it's any good.

Beth Hanson lives with her four sisters, Maria, Jennifer, Christina, and Lauren. Beth is the youngest, and although, unlike her sisters, she doesn't quite live up to her parents' expectations, she is happy. One day, the perfect image of her life is shattered like glass, as a terrifying ship wreck tears apart her family for good...


2. Unfamiliar Shores

Beth stirred, remotely aware of her condiiton. Her head spun and her clothes were shrivelled and shrunken from the salty water. She breathed in through her nose, but recoiled immediately as the strong sea-scent filled her nostrils. Sand had crept into her shoes and hair, sticking to her and causing a horrible gritty sensation in between her toes. Though none of this seemed to matter when it suddenly hit her that she was stranded. It all came back to her, the ferry, the boat rocking, the raging sea, the panic. There had been a shipwreck, and as far as she knew, she was the only survivor. A stranded survivor, that was. She pressed her heels into the ground and pulled herself to a standing position, gazing around, Beth noticed that the beach she had been stranded upon was part of a larger, much more...varied...area. Beyond the yellow-ish sand, and the bed of rocks around the edge of the bay, there was a cliff, and path leading up to it, she discovered after further investigation. All that could be seen past that was forest and the incredibly thick undergrowth.


Beth had freed herself of her shoes on the beach, thinking it'd make things a little more comfortable, however, it didn't. Her feet had sunk into the sand, and now her shoes were even more filled with the tiny grains, meaning she definitely couldn't put them back on now. The path leading up to the cliff top was hard and gravelling, and multiple times, Beth'd had to grab onto a nearby branch or vine. Eventually, she reached the top, and ventured into the wood. At first, it was an unruly tangle of green and brown, but soon she stumbed across a clearing. Snapping numerous branches from the trees, the girl began a fire. Sitting down on the grass in front of it, she warmed her hands, glad for some minor comfort, that in any way resembled a luxury that she knew, out here. The undergrowth tickled her skin, so she shook the tree she was using for shade, and made it's leaves into a small, roughly-shaped bed. Beside it, she set her shoes down, shaking the sand out of them and scraping it aside, into a dip in the ground around the roots. There was still the issue of food, and water, but she could deal with that later.

"Not too much later..." She thought aloud. Although she wasn't incapable, she had never cooked, never cleaned up, she could only just do the small skills, like sewing, that she was allowed to do as a 'Young Lady', so she began to wonder exactly how hard this would be. Her sisters would most lkely underestimate the difficultly of the task, but she would rather over-estimate. Therefore, she decided to be prepared for the 'adventure' of her life. Or was that just her currently wild imagination?


The sunrise woke Beth gently, and it was the most beautiful, and intricate she had ever seen. Despite the tragic circumstances under which she had ended up here, it was in many ways a blessing, a new start. A sweet, peachy smell drfited temptingly over to the woken girl, who yawned and smiled. Rising up from the ground, she followed the scent to a tree across the clearing. There were peaches-no-peach-like fruits, hanging from the branches. Mentally crossing her fingers, she plucked one off, and took a bite. An explosion of flavours took place in her mouth. It seemed safe to eat, and if it wasn't at least it tasted good! She laughed at her carelessness, and picked a few more to satisfy her hunger. After all, she had no clue how long it had been since her last dinner time. Meaning she could only estimate what day, and what date in the year it was. Even then, she had to record it quickly, knowign the days would all blend into one while staying here, like in prison, all be it a strange comparison.

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