Shattered Glass

This is my first story here, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, and if you think it's any good.

Beth Hanson lives with her four sisters, Maria, Jennifer, Christina, and Lauren. Beth is the youngest, and although, unlike her sisters, she doesn't quite live up to her parents' expectations, she is happy. One day, the perfect image of her life is shattered like glass, as a terrifying ship wreck tears apart her family for good...


3. Forest Of The Future

Sun speckled through the thick canopy overhead. A clean, minty scent was carried by the air. Beth had collected enough of the strange peach-like fruits to last her a while. But she would soon have to venture further into the forest, after all, she couldn't stay in the confines of the clearing for much longer. Anyway, the fire she had built the night before had been reduced to a pile of smoking twigs, so she needed some wood, and the clearing was pretty much bare. She trekked down to the beach, wincing once more at the gravelled path. The sand seemed to wriggle less under her feet, and the air was cool, despite the now-faint scent of saltiness. Beth took a deep, drawn-out breath in. When she released it, she retraced her steps and took a few of the fruits from her little hiding spot, returning to the beach, settling down in the middle of the vast stretch of sand.


The fruit devoured, Beth had relaxed into an almost perfect calm, it took over everything, it was just her, and peace. Enchanted, she lay there, staring up at the cloudless blue sky, and the beam of light that was the sun. If there had been clouds, she felt like she could've been up on them. Broken out of her trance by a cold sensation on her forehead, Beth jumped. She reached up and felt her forehead, and the air around it-it was a raining. Not wanting to become soaked on an island, with no system of drying other than natural, and no other clothes-unless she was prepared to wear leaves-she rose from the ground and made for the relatively safe boundaries of the forest.


Rain pitter-pattered down onto the canopy, occasionally dripping through to the undergrowth. Beth was hunched up next to a tree, the cold practically eating her bones.

"Brrr..." Her teeth chattered, and her skin was clammy. She hugged the tree hoping for some warmth, but instead, she was showered with long rods of wood, and large leaves. They weren't large enough to cover her by themselves, but she could build a shelter with enough of them.  She figured out that she'd probably need to double up the amount of sticks she used, if possible, because they seemed pretty spindly. The leaves weren't exactly thick either, so she'd need at least triple those.


The rain finally eased off, and Beth moved away from her shelter. The land was sodden and the area she had been sitting on who-knows-long-ago was looking slightly decrepit now that it was filled with water. Knowing the sun would eventually dry it all up, Beth got to work collecting the materials she'd need for her own little shelter, the homemade way. Around five minutes after she had begun, a sharp stabbing pain took over her right foot.

"Aaagh!" She cried out. Looking down at her foot, she saw a sharp thorn protruding from the surface, a sore, red swelling arlready starting to show itself. She bit her lip. Putting one foot forward, she felt another shooting pain erupt in her foot. This would need solving, but she couldn't do it now, she didn't know how to. Wrapping the wound up, Beth hopped the rest fo the way to the clearing.

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