Two Lives, One person

Lexie Mcpherson had a perfect life, she was pregnant, got a promation and had the perfect man or did she?When she goes on a night out and a tragic accident happens her life falls apart. She loses her baby, her life, her job and her man. She debates whether life is worth living. But what will she decide?


2. The Test

Lexie sat in the bathroom, the time ticking by, every second seemed to last a life time. She was eager, she could hardly wait. The stick sat on the edge of the sink. It was a kettle being watched, it never seemed to boil. She glanced back and forth from her watch to the small white stick, counting down. 10 more seconds. Finally the timer went off; she would finally know what she had been waiting for, for what seemed a lifetime. However, no matter how excited she was she could bring herself to pick up the stick. ‘Stop being so stupid Lexie!’ she told herself sternly. She eventually pushed her thin bony arm towards the stick and grasped it so tight her knuckles went white. With eyes shut so tight she could stars behind her eyes. When she finally released her eyes from her grasp she peered down gingerly and there it was.

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