Two Lives, One person

Lexie Mcpherson had a perfect life, she was pregnant, got a promation and had the perfect man or did she?When she goes on a night out and a tragic accident happens her life falls apart. She loses her baby, her life, her job and her man. She debates whether life is worth living. But what will she decide?


1. Photograph

That was the day my life ended.

I have this picture of a girl I once knew, her name was Lexie. She was beautiful, she was tall, poised, and had long blonde curly hair with the most beautiful cheek bones and the most clear, crystal blue eyes you have ever seen with long beautiful eyelashes. She was so happy. In the picture she’s laughing with her best friend, who now she hasn’t spoken to for 7 years. Lexie was at the fashion week in Paris, her dream come to true. Her designs strutting up and down the most worshipped walkaway known to any girl. It was her dream made real.

I walked up to the long glistening mirror, studying every inch of my body. My limb right hand hanging heavily down the length of my torso. My face screwed up, scars across my cheeks, my eyes badly bruised, black to the core, my iris as dark as the night sky. I miss it. I miss being beautiful.


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