Two Lives, One person

Lexie Mcpherson had a perfect life, she was pregnant, got a promation and had the perfect man or did she?When she goes on a night out and a tragic accident happens her life falls apart. She loses her baby, her life, her job and her man. She debates whether life is worth living. But what will she decide?


7. Mail

One day i was sorting through my post and there was another letter from ‘him’. The sight made my blood boil, my teeth clenched, face as bright as a tomato. Then i took a deep breath and calmed myself, i just chucked onto the piled. Gosh, there must be about 30-40 letters on the pile. i never wanted to speak to him, he got what he deserved. He’s in jail, he can’t hurt me. well, no more than  he has already. i really thought he loved me, i really thought he cared. I dreamt about my life with me, my family with him. Now i’m alone, without him, without anybody.

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