Two Lives, One person

Lexie Mcpherson had a perfect life, she was pregnant, got a promation and had the perfect man or did she?When she goes on a night out and a tragic accident happens her life falls apart. She loses her baby, her life, her job and her man. She debates whether life is worth living. But what will she decide?


10. Hospital

It was 12.52pm the afternoon after the accident, 12.53pm was when she got told the devastating news. Yes, she got told her baby, the greatest thing in the world was gone and due to the accident they had to remove her ovaries so she would be unable to conceive again. This was the breaking point, it was all too much. After she had woken up unable to move her drawing and being told it would never move again, then seeing her beautiful face been torn up, unrecognisable. As if this wasn’t enough she was then told her boyfriend, the man she loved had pushed and was in custody. He confessed that he pushed her in front of the car unaware the man was drunk and was unable to stop. Apparently, he only wanted to kill the baby. He was going away for a long time. Even after all this she was doing ok, able to hold herself together clinging on piece by piece. But the breaking point was hearing the one thing in her life that mattered had gone.            By 12.53pm Lexie was heavily sedated as she was too hysterical. A few weeks later she was released. That was the day Lexie McPherson's life ended.

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