Two Lives, One person

Lexie Mcpherson had a perfect life, she was pregnant, got a promation and had the perfect man or did she?When she goes on a night out and a tragic accident happens her life falls apart. She loses her baby, her life, her job and her man. She debates whether life is worth living. But what will she decide?


4. Answers

The two blue lines popped up. She was pregnant. Her heart was pounding, the excited feeling creeping up in her stomach, a massive smile taking over her face. She picked up her mobile and dialled the only number she need. It rang.

‘Hello?’ the voice answered. ‘It’s me, usual place, 10 minutes. Something important to tell you’ Lexie replied. The midday sun was beating down on her, but she didn’t care. This was more important. She took a seat in their usual spot and waited. Eventually, the face to the voice arrived. She told him the news before he’d even sat down. His name was Tom, she was a freelance actor, not much effort to give his share of income because in his eyes he didn’t need to, and she was rich enough. as she sat in her London studio, which she called  her office she thought back to a few hours ago where she had told the man she loved that she was pregnant and he had kind of half heartily said it was great and rushed off in his usually strut to the door and down the street. But she didn’t she loved him and she thought that he loved her so that's all that mattered. If only she could see what was coming, she would run whilst she still had the chance. She sat at her cold concrete table where her still empty notepad sat, begging to be drawn on, she stared off into space and imagined how great her life was going to be from here on. For what seemed only a few minutes was a great length of time, as more time passed she still sat and did nothing until a loud abrupt noise rang out through her studio where stood her new prototypes and glamour’s accessories sat patiently, dragging her rudely from her beautiful day dream. She slipped off her stool and scurried along to her desk which stood boldly in one corner of her ‘office’ in a race against her phone. Luckily she won, she answered. ‘Hello?’ she pondered. ‘Its me’ answered her boss. ‘I’ve got great news!’

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