One in 343

9/11: One day, 2 buildings, 343 firefighters.
Behind the ash cloud... the lives of those left behind.


1. Perfection at a glance.

One in 343.

Imagine a place, a wonderful place streaming with chrome buildings, smartly-dressed people, bright mustard taxis and steaming bagel vendors on every corner. Imagine a place where millions live, work, breathe, and smile. A place where millions are born and millions die. Now just for a moment, take all that away, and imagine destructed buildings, dust-covered people, blood-splattered streets, and empty, stone-cold shops. Well … that’s what it was like.

Smart, successful and stunning. These were the words that entered every single lucky onlooker’s mind when they saw her. She had smiling cheeks, red lips and bright eyes, that made every single passer by stop…turn… and look at her a second time. To the unsuspecting, plainly dressed passengers of the E17 train from Brooklyn Heights to the Rockefeller Centre, she was a well off, content business woman, with a future husband and baby to accompany her along the way. However, those people were very wrong, very wrong indeed.



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