Memory lane

Lost Love.


1. Memory Lane

Darling I want you to tell me What I mean to you today What do you remember? Is there anything you want to say?

It was years ago now But I still think of you Seasons keep changing And I guess, so do you.

I hate how we left it We never really said goodbye I wanted to forget you And I try and I try.

But I think I need you now More than I ever did before And there’s no way now I could live without you It’s not like I have a choice And I really don’t want too.

As I’m writing this now You feel like a ghost And the hardest words to say Are the ones that mean the most.

In my heart and in my soul I will always know It was and still is you I never want to let go.

Golden leaves blow past I think we missed the train 3 years ago now, this autumn day I still feel the same As I ever did. Regretting this trip, down memory lane.

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