What will the future hold for these twins?


1. Run

“Better start running,” he said with an evil grin, patting the shrouded cage beside him. “You’ve got a thirty second head start and then I let it out.”

I ran. What else could I do? I knew what would come bolting out of that cage as soon as the cloth was pulled from it and the catch released. A creeper, bony hands outstretched ready to wrap around my delicate neck and squeeze until all the light and life had left my vibrant green eyes. My black hair streamed behind me, offering a thick rope for the creature to hold onto. I cursed myself for not having pinned it up earlier in the day. I had known where I was going. I had known the consequences of being caught. I had known that breaking into the State Parliament building to attempt to steal the single most important document in the entire history of my race would not go down well.

The man behind me was the Head of Security for that very document. His name was synonymous with nightmares and bogey men. Phobetor. My parents had used his name as a threat for me and my twin brother ever since we’d started being brought home by the police at the tender age of thirteen. We’re not what you’d call troubled youths. More troubling youths if anything.

My bare feet skidded on the slick marble floor as I tore down the infamous Hall of Dreams. Endless portraits of my ancestors looked down at me from the walls, their pale skin taking on an almost sickly pallor in the garish overhead strip lighting. My twin brother, Nyx, was lounging against the wall at the other end of the corridor. His eyes, identical to mine in every way, widened as I sped towards him. He didn’t ask any questions just started running with me, keeping the same pace, the same stride, everything the same.

A loud scraping followed by an ear splitting scream echoed down the corridor after us. The creeper was free. Phobetor had kept his word. The sound of pounding footfalls behind us made Nyx and I increase our speed dramatically. The Immortal blood rushing through our veins pushed us to run so fast that the walls began to blur. Unfortunately the creeper had Immortal blood too.

The fact that it had twice as much muscle as Nyx and I put together didn’t worry me at all. We hadn’t been kept in a cage and starved for the past few days. Saying that, a hungry creeper is possibly the worst one to deal with. I glanced back and was disturbed by the impossibly similar face. The same gleaming green eyes. The same flowing black hair. The same pointed features. The only difference between the creeper and me were the needle sharp teeth that were in full view between thin lips curled back in a snarl.

It leapt forward and its fingers snagged Nyx’s ankle, tripping him over and sending him sprawling across the floor until a wall stopped his progress with a sickening crunch.

“Nyx!” I screamed, terrified breath tearing out of my throat. No response. I ran. What else could I do? My black hair streamed behind me and my breath caught as I felt the creeper’s long bony fingers weave into it. It was a gentle touch, almost akin to the way my mother’s hands used to calm me from my nightmares.

Only this time it was the nightmare itself, dragging me down to the cold marble floor, fingers moving from my hair to around my neck. I kicked viciously upwards, crowing victoriously when I felt my foot connect with a bony kneecap. The creeper snarled and its fingers began to tighten around my neck. I kicked out again this time feeling my foot connect with a rib. The creeper rolled off me, coughing violently. Ooops. A broken rib for this poor creature, as much of captive as I would be if I got caught, was not part of the plan. However I couldn’t afford to let it get back up. I slipped over to Nyx and picked him up in a fireman’s lift. With a final glance back at the creeper I limped off through the Parliament building

I staggered under the weight of my brother and shouldered the side door to the alleyway aside. The whine of sirens outside didn’t surprise me. The feel of the steel cuffs around my wrist didn’t bother me too much either. I was alive. My brother was alive. And resting in the inside pocket of my shirt was our ticket out of jail. The Founding Document of our country. I smiled slightly. Prison? No problem…

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