that breath

what happens in life when the person you need is gone
How do you fix that?
you can't life leaves when they do....


3. the secrets

A couple of weeks later i had gone to a boy in my school Julius's party and Cherry was there being her normal flurtaitos self she was all over James the whole night but he was with me and everyone knew. At the end of the party i saw Cherry and James at first i thought they where talking but the closer i stepped i realised what was actually happening. My heart felt like it had cracked into one million peices ,it was like i wasn't breathing ,like i was mearly floating on what one calls gravity, it was like there was no gravitational pull holding me to the ground like i was non-existent. I stormed up to James and Cherry as red as a chilli and with one big slap i clobberd James right in the face and knocked him to the ground. He looked at me and gave me that same glair as Cherry he ran off and I never went after him i stood for a moment, realising what i had done but i was regretful James went out with me and everyone knew. I saw Cherry try and sneak out the back door but I wasn't stupid I knew she was going somewhere and i had an idea where , so I followed her without her knowing as sly as a fox. She walked into James and I soon followed, i walked in and it was freezing, all the lights where off and nobody was in , not even James. It was only me and Cherry in this house suddenly I had a horrible chill down my spine as the door went smack Cherry shut the door. She had blood down her face and her makeup was heavily done but smouged right down her cheek. She staired at me for a moment then made a run for me I ran to James kitchen and grabbed what I could to barricade the door. The door stayed shut while Cherry banged on it with all her strength then everything went quiet. Cherry had left or so i thought i turned around and she jumped on me and bit my wrist I threw her off my back stunned and scared i grabbed what ever i could to protect myself. Cherry tried to get up but before she could i stabbed her threw the heart , black blood drained out her body until she only bleed red blood,I stood up and turned around to find James's mum at the door.

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