that breath

what happens in life when the person you need is gone
How do you fix that?
you can't life leaves when they do....


4. The last moments

Being with James was as easy as breathing but who ever said breathing was easy how can you breathe with no air we matched in every way we where so right so how can you take away the air? All I wanted was to be loved was that too much to ask, all i wanted was someone to love me no trouble , all I wanted was a normal life but no one ever gets what they want. I got sent to prison for man slaughter at the highest court they can give 24 years but they can't stop me I'll get all they betrayers back. I found out that James and Julius where in this devil worshiper group the JJ they preyed on young girls like me and turned them into demons but they can't attack pure bloods like me that's why I never got effected. Julius betrayed Cherry he said he loved her like James told me but they where all lies. They think they are free but they don't know that once you get bitten by a demon you get some of the powers, let's just say its going to be JJ's last group meeting tonight.

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