that breath

what happens in life when the person you need is gone
How do you fix that?
you can't life leaves when they do....


1. my life

Everyone in my school were artifical and very ailien based creatures to me , there was the green group standing in school all day glairing at people and there was the purple group they people just stand around looking for people to save and obcourse every school has a red group people that just cant keep themselves to themselves , then theres me just me i dont have a big title but i like me and thats what counts. Im someone who isn't easily persuaded although i do have an opinion on most things but i need to know the full facts before i judge unlike most people in my school, unhuman like people who dwindle about in corridors longing for awnsers to jump out in front of them like a panda bear, althought everyone had something to say about love. I was a class A pupil always at the top of my game on everything nothing brought me down. Well at least thats what i thought , the day i met James that all changed an alluring boy with finely shaped features, i tried to hide the fact i was completely alarmed by him ,i was also deluded to the fact that everyone else was to. Around a month after the day he came he got transfered into my english class and well i thought he would have been one of them superficial pretty boys but no he was completely normal and smart to he seemed to like everything i liked and well i thought i really do like him and that was it not much too it really. From that day on me and James where inseperable we fell head over heels for each other and i only wish that this was the end of the story i have to tell you ,thats it happily ever after,but that's not this story.


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