The Angels Teardrop

Peter could not of dreamed for a better life, but something was about to change his life forever and leave him hanging in the mists of love


3. The Mysterious Story

Peter lept back from the girl in horror and looked nowhere else but to her back the wings shone in the street light and peter panicked stummering for as long as he could before he could come out with "I gotta go" as fast as he ever has before he darted back up to his window and ran to his bed covering himself as if for protection the girl just stood there not knowing what to do but then finally vanishing back into the darkness. Peter thought a lot about her that night he couldnt get her wings out of his head "Were they fancy dress? Were they propaly attached? Was it a trick of the light? he kept asking himself this for the whole night over and over never coming up with an answer for any of them no clue on what to do he finally fell asleep with only an hour to spare before his father shoke him to get up. "Come on son!" he shouted to Peter "We have to go to the shop theres an important news article on the papers something about and angel!" As soon as his father said that word Peter was out of bed like a lighting bolt not stopping for anything until he got hold of a paper right at the front page it read "Angel feather found,  a long pearl white feather with beutiful datail was picked up by a vicar last night he excamined it and it is not of any bird, he may now conclude that it was one of an angel". As Peter was reading it he kept piecing together what happened last night and what was happening now and he soon thought of the feather outside ,the feather he found last night and dropped on the pavement, the feather that made the most tremendous sound that of an angel, Peter had to get that feather back soon or the suspicions of the Mysterious Story will lead right up to him!

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