The Angels Teardrop

Peter could not of dreamed for a better life, but something was about to change his life forever and leave him hanging in the mists of love


4. A Revalation

A normal night followed Peters way, eat, drink, teeth, bed was his mothers moto and Peter followed it with great care but he was becoming a lot more rebelioous since he met "The Angel" his plan was to creap out like he did the other night through the window and to grab the feather with a quick flash and climb back maybe even see if he could find her again if that was even possible. The clock struck 12 o,Clock and Peter was now ready to get out of there as soon as he could just as before he slid through the window and feel to the floor swiftly passing his hand over the feather and grasping it in his palm now it was time to find the girl now he had got rid of any evidence that the "Angel" was to do with him. He fastened his trainer laces and ran right through the gate leading to the main road to manic london. Cars rushed passed him coming from everywhere never stopping there was always something in london going on even his parents would be part of this manic panic to work or school , or the shops he wanted nothing to do with it but didnt have a choice at the moment that could of been about to change he was going to find that girl even if it took all night

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