A Duet


1. A duet


His eyes are made of diamonds

His touch I long to feel

His voice I love to hear

If only his love for me was real

My knight in shining armour

My Romeo in the night

My love is never ending

Someone who never can pretend


Her heart beats so loudly

Her silky hair I long to feel

Her lips as red as roses

If only her love for me was real

My Juliet in the darkness

My angel fallen from the sky

My love is never ending

Someone who can help me to fly


Our love in our eyes

Our thoughts runnung wild

Your warmth all around me

Our frown curled into a smile

Your lips locked to mine

Your hands in my hair

Our lives forever entwined

For you I will only care

Our duet will carry on

Even after we are both gone

Our trust in this melody

Will leave behind our memory

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