I know its hard..... but i'll have to wait and see

This is book is based on the content heart condition of falling in love. The book is poetically written and is about a girl who is trying to fight her feelings of being distracted and and in love with a young guy, she is unsure of whether the guys feelings are compatible, and so she waits patiently to test his attraction to her.


1. The connection between two hearts

I am not completely sure of what love is supposed to be, 

Is it a chore, when the girl suffers to do all the work, desperate

For his attention and hungry at his emotional conformation of

Loving her all the same. Surely, he must see her, appreciate her

And accept her, thats why she's so thankful for Blackberry Messeneger .

It is the only essence where both our hearts are given the opportunity

To connect, reflect and decide, true feelings and thoughts refuse to be pushed aside.

I did consider him somewhat like a brother, when i first messaged him,

But as I gaze, losing myself deeply in his picture,

He is now a sacred lover


Oh the excitement that breathes upon my face, and the hot fire freshening my heart

 As I realise the power In an unspoken word, and hidden respect,

We are not really that far apart, from those unforgettable monents

When I discover another one of his text messages attacking my phone,

Im glad to know Im never alone.

Its a little funny actually, just like a mother undertand the needs of baby,

So I understand the needs of him who cannot be named

Because inside both of us is a deep longing,

Emptiness ready to be filled,

Two hearts broken but connected,

By LOVE, we are healed.



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