Taking The Mick Out Of Paul

A girl has found a new best friend at school, but things get complicated when she meets her new mates dad...

(P.s for some reason there are no paragraphs, and it just appears as a big block of text. I pasted it from Word, but the formatting switched after I saved it on Movellas and all the paragraphs I created disappeared, really annoying! Tried to fix it but it keeps reverting back to a big chunk. Sorry that it's so hard to read!)


1. New Kid

I first met Marian at Secondary school, in year 10. She came late into the year because she’d decided to leave her shitty old school - a good decision. She was shy at first, like all new kids are, but I soon discovered that we liked a lot of the same music and shopped in the same places. She always helped me with my work in class. After we’d been mates for a few weeks, she invited me over to her house. I was really excited - well, I always am when it comes to snooping around a house I’ve never been to before! I remember that day well. We left school together, arms tightly linked, and went to the chippy round the corner. As we walked down the street, eating warm chips out of the greasy paper, I said to her, “Won’t your mum mind if we eat before dinner?” Marian finished eating a chip and smiled at me. “I don’t have a mum. She left ages ago.” She seemed almost amused as she watched me squirm. “Oh...I’m sorry.” She rolled her eyes. “Its cool, you didn’t know.” I gave her a small smile back and we walked along in silence until she decided to break the ice by trying to shove one of her chips into my mouth as a joke. When we got to her front door, we were both laughing and out of breath. Behind us, all the way up the street, we’d left a trail of chips, and the greasy newspaper was now floating in the breeze, somewhere miles above our heads. I fidgeted as she fumbled in her bag and pulled out a chain weighed down with keyrings. She flipped the keys over until she came to her house-key, then she pushed the door open with her shoulder, and I followed her into her house. It was a nice house. Not that big, mind, but it was cosy, with loads of pictures on the walls and small, neat piles of books politely piled on side tables. That was the theme in her house - mess disguised as ornaments. Marian hung her coat up. I followed suit. She led me down the hall and into the kitchen. “Dad, it’s me!” Rushed footsteps on the stairs were the answer to her shout. After being instructed to take what I wanted, I leaned down into the fridge and grabbed a coke. When I stood up again and turned around, her dad was there in the doorway, looking only slightly flustered. Marian hugged him, and introduced me. He nodded, repeated my name, and then we exchanged all the pleasantries that a two people united by a relationship to one person would share. He asked me what I did at school. I smiled and tried to give funny but polite answers. However, while I was listening to his words, most of my brain was concerned with looking. There was something about him that really got me. He looked strikingly like Marian-same sharp blue eyes, same brown almost-curly hair, same dimples when he smiled. He didn’t even look that old. The lines on his face looked like punctuation that emphasized his emotions. He kept playing with his hair. And his eyes were dancing all over the room. He asked us if we wanted anything to eat, and Marian said no, she’d stick us a pizza in the oven. So, he went back upstairs and we waited for the pizza to do, and then sat with it on our laps in front of a movie. A few hours later, we’d stuffed ourselves full of junk food, and we were just about ready to flop into bed - not to sleep, but to talk. Marian went off upstairs to look for her blow-up bed, and I went to the bathroom to get myself ready. I plaited my hair and went back into the living room. I sat for ages, texting my friend Gemma while I waited for Marian to come and take me up to her room. After a while, she came stomping down the stairs, giggling. She grabbed my arm. “Sorry, forgot you don’t know the way up!” She led me up the carpeted stairs and we disappeared into her room, preparing ourselves for a gossipy night completely devoid of sleep. I had a great time at Marian’s. We went to bed as the sun was rising, so we didn’t get up until about two. When I woke up, I could smell bagels. As I shifted in my crinkly waterproof bed, Marian slowly opened her eyes. After a lot of moaning and yawning, we managed to drag ourselves downstairs, where breakfast/slash/lunch was already waiting for us on the table. Smiling, I grabbed myself some food, and we sat in the living room so we could watch MTV while we were eating. At about 5 o’clock, Marian’s dad came in and announced that he was going out for dinner with a friend. I clutched the glass in my hand, aware that I was wearing pyjamas in front of him. Pyjamas with purple cows on them. A brief flush of embarrassment travelled through my body, which was strange, because usually at my friends’ houses I didn’t even mind walking about in a towel. As he swept out of the room, the soft, spicy scent of his aftershave grazed my nostrils. I breathed deeply to prolong it. For the rest of the day, we played Xbox, and just chilled. When it got to 8:30, I decided to go home. Marian walked me to the bus stop, we hugged goodbye, and she promised to invite me round again.
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