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I hope you like it!



16. Where are you?

Selena pov.

*Someone turned me around and kissed me. I didn't even had to look to know who it was. I kissed back and smiled though the kiss. It felt so right. The butterflies where attacking my stomach from the inside. When our hands touched I felt fireworks in my whole body. I couldn't stop smiling! And just then when everything was perfect, I saw Caitlin for me. I saw how they where kissing on the beach. I pulled away and tears started to stream down my face. I looked at Justin, who looked weird at me. I took my bag and my jacket and then I was out of there! I didn't look back I had to get away. I heard their voices calling my name but I just kept running. I heard Justin multiple times. I ran across the street and where almost on the other side when a car came towards me. I heard Justins voice again and the last thing I remembered was a big "BANG!".*

M&V&D: OMG!!!!

D: Call an ambulance!!!

M: *On the phone* I'm on it!

V: SELENA?! Can you hear me?

D: Justin?? PLEASE Answer me!! *Crying*

V: Miley where is the ambulance??? *Crying*

M: I don't know. They're taking so long!! *Crying*


At the hospital.

Miley pov.

*Finally the ambulance came! I felt like forever! I sat with Demi and V out in the waiting room. We were all crying!*

D: Why do you think he jumped?

M: *I looked at Demi* Because he loves her!

D: So he loves her more than his own life?

M: Yes. I hope they're okay!

V: I'll just ask the nurse when we can see them!

M: Key.

V: *Leaves*

D: I wonder if Selena knew it was Justin who saved her. Or at least tried to.

M: I'm sure she knows. She knows how much he loves her!

V: *Returns* We can visit Selena now. Justins still..

D: Please don't say more! I don't wanna hear it! I'm to scared!

V: Okay. Lets go visit Selena.

M&D&V: *Walks inside Selenas room*

Selena pov.

*I woke in a hospital bed. I looked around. The room was empty. I tried to sit up but failed.*

Nurse: Lay down again ms Gomez.

S: *looks at the nurse.* Wheres Justin?

N: In another room. But your friends are here. *Lets M&D&V walk in.*

M: *Runs to selenas bed.* OMG! ARE YOU OKAY???!

S: I'm okay. But wheres Justin??

V: We don't know. In some room.

S: But why?

D: He kinda saved you.

S: What happened to him?

M: When he pushed you away from the car, then the car hit him instead.

S: WHAT?! I need to see him! NOW! Nurse! Come here! I need to go to Justin Drew Biebers room ! Now!

N: I'm sorry miss but...

S: NO BUT! I need to go now!

N: You can't!

S: Why not?

N: He's not awake! We're not sure if he'll survive!

S: *Tears falling down on the cheek* What did you just say?

N: He's not awake!

S: After that!

N: We're not sure if he'll survive!

S: *Breaks down crying*

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