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5. The kiss

Monday in English With Ashley/TaylorS/Selena/Demi/Justin/TaylorG/Joe

T: Okay students to day we're gonna start on a new project I already made the groups and you can't change. So here's the groups. Ashley Tisdale you're with Joe Jonas. Demi Lovato you're with Taylor Swift. Selena Gomez you're with Justin Bieber. Taylor Gomez you're with Steve Blablabla.

Justin Pov: *At first I was really glad that I came in groups with Selena. But then I remembered what happened at the party. I was so madly in love with her and I still am. I can't stop thinking about it. She leaned in didn't she? OMG I'm so confused. I look over at her to see how she reacted.*

S: *Smiling. Looks over at Justin. Gets eye contact and smiles at him. *

JB: *Smiles back*

D: Selena... Why are you eye flirting with my brother?

S: *Looks at demi* What do you mean?

D: You're eye flirting with him.

S: No I'm not. I just smiled at him.

D: Yeah why did you do that?

S: Relax sweety I'm not gonna date him!

D: Yeah I know its just weird.

T: Selena and Demi you just got detention every day this week!

JB: Sorry Miss. I talked to..

T: Then you also get detention.

JB: Okay.

S: *To Justin* Why did you do that?

JB: I talked to.

S: No you didn't.

JB: Yes I did.

S: If you say so.

T: You guys really have to shut up.

S&JB: Sorry miss.

At detention with Selena/Demi/Justin

S: *Texting Miley.* "Hey honey. Can you please wait for me ? "

M: "Sure. Where are you? "

S: "At detention... I talked in class and my teacher was a bitch again."

M: "Aww so sorry honey! I'll just call Demz and then whe can wait with me. :*"

S: "You don't have to. She is here with me."

M: *Calling Demi*

D: *Phone rings* Fuck!

T: Demi give me your phone.

D: Okay. *Gives her phone*

S: "Demi can't answer the teacher just took her phone."

M: "Oh is she at detention to?"

S: "Yeah. Gotta go otherwise the teacher will take my phone to."

M: "Okay see you after detention. :*"

JB: "Texting Miley again?"

S: "Yup :P"

JB: "So do you wanna work on the project later?"

S: "Sure. But I don't think that Demz will be happy about it.."

JB: "Why not?"

S: "She thinks that we're flirting and they we're gonna date each other."

JB: "We're not. We're just friends."

S: "Yeah. :)"

T: Selena and Justin give me your phones.

S&JB: Sorry. *Gives the teacher their phones*

T: Thank you.

S: *Smiles at Justin.*

JB: *Looks at Selena. makes funny faces.*

S: *Laughs*

D: *Looks at them* OMG! Can't you 2 please stop.

T: *Looks at Demi.* What is the problem Demi?

D: They are! *Looks hurted at Selena.* You promised.

S: *Looks down*

D:*Looks at the teacher* can I please go to the bathroom. I have to throw up.

T: Sure.

D: *Leaves*

T: I'll just go check on Demi. *Leaves*

S: *Looks down.*

JB: Are you okay?

S: *Looks at him with tears in her eyes* NO? Demi is my best friend! I promised her that I wouldn't talk or do anything with you. I didn't keep that promise. I don't think that she'll forgive me.

JB: *Goes to Selena* I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'm sure that she'll forgive you!

S: *Looks at him* I don't know.

JB: *Hugs her*

S: *Hugs back and cries*

JB: *Hugs her tight*

S: Thank you.

JB: *Joking* For what? make you and Demi enemies? Well then you're welcome!

S: *Smiles* No. For being so sweet to me!

JB: *Smiles* You're welcome

S: *Look in Justins eyes*

JB: *Wipes a tear away from Selena's cheek*

S: *Leans in*

JB: *Kisses her*

S: *Kisses back*

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