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A story I made at Youtube. =)
I hope you like it!



13. Miav

At the airport.

Selenas mom: I’m gonna miss you so much! *Hugs Selena and Taylor*

Selena: I gonna miss you too. *Hugs back* I’ll se you in a month. *Pulls away*

Taylor: Mom it’s embarrassing! *Pulls away* See you in a month. *Leaves with Selena.*

Selena: *waves at her mom walking away* Bye.

Selenas mom: *Blows her a kiss*

Taylor: Okay. Let’s go!!

Selena: Yup! *Walks to the gate with Taylor*


On the plain

Selena: *Asleep*

Taylor: *Looks at Selena.* *Reading one of Selena magazines. Takes his bag and gets a pen. Gets an idea. Looks at Selena,


Selena: *Still asleep*

Taylor: *Draws in Selenas face.* *Laughs a little*

Selena: *Still asleep*

In the airport

Selena: I feel like I slept the whole tour!

Taylor: That’s because you did.

Selena: Well I was tired! *Sees her and Taylors bags* They are over there. *Points*

Taylor: Lets go get ‘em. *Walks to their bags and takes them* now lets go find Miley and Joe.

Selena: Goodie. *Walks around with Taylor until she sees someone* MIIIIIIIIIILEY!!!! *Screaming*

Miley: *Sees Selena* SEEEELENA!!!! *Runs to her hugging her* I’ve missed you so much!!!!

Selena: I’ve missed you more. *Tears fall down her cheek. Pulls away form the hug.*

Miley: *Tears falling down her cheek* I love you! *Hugs Selena again*

Selena: *Hugs her really tight* Love you more!

Taylor: Eye Joe. *Does a handshake*

Joe: Hey dude.

Selena: *Looks at them.*

Miley: *Looks at them* You guys are so weird!

Joe: We’re weird? Look at yourselves!

Miley: *Shakes her head* So Selena *Turns to selena.* Why are you drawn in your face?

Selena: WHAT?!!!

Miley: You look like a cat!

Selena: *Turns to Taylor* TAYLOR!!!

Miley: *Laughs*

Taylor: Ops..

Selena: *Jumps on Taylors back* I HATE YOU!

Taylor: *Laughs*

Miley&Joe: *Laughing*

Selena: *Gets down from Taylors back* I hate you!

Miley: Come on lets go.

Selena: Yeah. Bye. *Leaves with Miley*



At Mileys house

Selena: *walks inside* I’ve always loved your home!

Miley: Thank U. *Walks to her room with Selena.*

Selena: *Throws her bags on the floor and lays down on Mileys bed*

Miley: Don’t get to comfy we have to go visit Demi!

Selena: Yay! *Gets up*


They leave

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