Just leave me alone!

A story I made at Youtube. =)
I hope you like it!



11. Just leave me alone!

Next day with Taylor.

TG: *Calling Joe*

JJ: Hey Taylor Where are you?

TG: I’m at home. I’m moving remember?

JJ: Oh. Yeah right.

TG: Can you please tell Justin that we’re leaving at 10 am today.

JJ: Sure but why?

TG: Just tell him. And tell him before 10am! Don’t say that I told you.

JJ: Okay. See you dude.

TG: See you *Hangs up*


At school:

JB: *Walks in and looks for Selena* Have any off you seen Selena?

JJ: No? She is moving…


JJ: Yeah. At 10 am.

JB: You’re kidding right?

JJ: Nope.

JB: Okay. I have to go! *Runs out off class*

At Gomez’ house.

TG: *Holding a bag, and going to the car*

JB: *Runs into Taylor.*

TG: Look out.

JB: Sorry Taylor. I know that you don’t …

TG: She is upstairs.

JB: Thanks! *Runs upstairs*

S: Bye house.


S: Justin. *Turns around and looks him in the eyes* what are you doing here?

JB: I’m sorry. *Goes to Selena and kisses her*

S: *Surprised but kisses back*

JB: *Pulls away.* I’m sorry!

S: *Looks down*

JB: *looks at her* Selena?

S: *Looks at him*

JB: I’m so sorry! And I wish I never did it!

S: But Justin you did.

JB: I know. But I’m in love with you.

S: But Justin…

SM: Selena! We have to leave now!

S: coming. *Looks at Justin with tears in her eyes* Bye Justin. 

JB: Selena I… I… I can’t live without you. You’re my world, you’re my everything!


S: I have to go. *Walks out the door.*

JB: *Follows her* Selena please talk to me!

S: *Stops up and turns around* What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say that I don’t care about you cheating on me? That you should go kiss Caitlin again? So I can get my heart crushed once more? But Justin I’m not a liar so I’m not gonna say that. I really loved you and I would never cheat on you! I felt like you was the one! That I was going to grow old with you by my side! But you just showed me that you don’t love me as much as I loved you.

JB: I don’t know what to say.

S: Well let me make this a little easier for you. *Leaves*

JB: Selena! *Runs down*

S: *Drives away with Taylor and her mom*


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