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A story I made at Youtube. =)
I hope you like it!



15. I still love you

S pov.

*I looked at him. A quiet hi came from my lips. I smiled a little smile and looked at him*

J: Hi. *Smiles at shy smile* How are you?

S: I’m okay. And you?

J: Not the best. *Looks at Demi* I’ll be in my room. *Walks upstairs*

S: *Disappointed that he just left.* I have to go to the bathroom. *Stands up.* I’ll be back in a minute. *Walks upstairs*


J pov.

*Tears is falling down my cheek. It was so hard to face her. I’ve missed her so much! She looked great and not sad at all. She

doesn’t care about me anymore. I love her and miss her. I wish she just would be my girlfriend and my lover again! Its so

hard seeing her knowing that she will never love me again. I heard a knock on my door and turned around.*

S: *Knocks on Justins door.* Hi.

J: *Wipes away the tears* Hey. What are you doing here?

S: I just wanted to talk. Are you okay?

J: Well no. *Looks down*

S: *Walks to Justin.* Hey, whats wrong?

J: *Looks at Selena.* Well Its just because I miss you so much! I never meant to cheat on you. I still love you and I haven’t

even looked at another girl because I couldn’t get you off my mind. I stayed home for more than a week. I just couldn’t see

any reason to go to school when you weren’t there.

S: *Looks at the floor.* I don’t know what to say Justin.

J: *Looks down.* Then don’t say anything. *Tears falling down his cheeks*

S: Justin.

J: *Looks at Selena.*

S: I love you! And I miss you everyday! My life is empty without you. But I cant stop seeing you with Caitlin. *Looks down.* I

better go downstairs.

J: *Looks at Selena*

S: *Walks out.*

J: *Follows her.*

S: *goes to the others.*

D: Hey are you okay?

S: Yeah I guess.

J: *Turns Selena around and kisses her.*


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