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2. A new student

*In English with Ashley/TaylorS/Selena/Demi/Justin/TaylorG/Joe*

Teacher: Okay students take your seats!

*Everybody sits down*

T(Teacher): So first I want to introduce a new student to you. Justin come up here please.

*Justin goes to the teacher.*

T: everybody say hello to Justin.

*Everybody except Demi & Selena says Hello.*

T: So Justin you can go sit next to... Selena. Selena raise your hand.

S: *Raises hand.*

JB: *Goes to Selena.*

T: Okay students open your books.

A(Ashley): *Putting make-up on*

T: Ashley please do that after the school.

A: *Gives the teacher a look and lays her make-up away.*

T: please everybody go to page 43.

JB: *To Selena.* Hey I'm Justin.

S: Selena.

JB: I haven't got my books yet can I look in yours?

S: Sure I'll just look with demz. *Gives him the book.*

JB: Okay...

A: You can also just look in mine. *Smiles flirty at Justin*

JB: No thanks. I have Selenas. *Looks in the book.*

A: So where do you come from.

JB: Im from here.

A: But why haven't I seen you before?

JB: I lived at my dads. But now he's moving to Spain. So I live at my moms now.

A: Aww. So they're divorced?

JB: Yeah they have been for like 3 years.

A: Aww so sorry sweety.

T: Justin and Ashley please shut your mouth and pay attention!

S: *Laughs a little*

JB: *Looks at Selena and whispers* What's so funny? *Smiles*

S: *Whispers back* You.

JB: *Smiles* what did I do?

S: You just made a fool of yourself. *Smiles*

JB: Did not!

S: Yeah you did. *smiles*

JB: maybe. *Laughs a little*

T: Justin and Selena detention for both of you!

S: What?! Not fair!

JB: Sorry..

S: It's okay.

D: *To Selena.* Why do you even talk to him his my brother?

S: It's not like I'm gonna date him.

D: No but it's weird.

S: Sorry. I'll stop.


After English. With S/JB

JB: I'm sorry that I got you in detention.

S: It's okay.

JB: So what's your next class?

S: Gym with Demi. She is you sister right?

JB: Yeah.. I have gym to! I don't think that Demi likes me.

S: What? Why not?

JB: I don't know maybe because I decided to live with dad and not mom like she did.

S: Im sorry Justin.

JB: Its okay. *Bells ring*


At gym with Selena/Demi/MIley/Nick/Joe/Zac/Vanessa/Justin


T: Everybody get over here and stand in a row. *Everybody gets in a row* Im gonna give you a number and then we'll play some football.

Team 1: Selena, Miley, Justin, Zac. +Random people

Team 2: Demi, Nick, Joe, Vanessa. +Random people

S: *running*

JB: *Have the ball* Who's free?

S: I am!

JB: shoots it at her.

S: *Scores*

Team 1: YEAH!! *Everybody hugs*

*The game is over*

At detention Selena/ Justin

S: *Texting with Miley.*

M: "Where are you girl?"

S: "At detention... It sucks"

M: "What? What did you do?"

S: "Demis brother talked to me in class and our teacher was a bitch and gave us detention."

M: "Wow that sucks!"

S: "You don't say!"'

???: "Who are you texting?"

S: "Who are you?"

???: "I'm Justin"

S: "What Justin where did you get my number from?"

JB: "got it form Zac. I can delete it if you don't want me to have your number."

S: "No it's okay"

JB: "So who are you texting?"

S: "Miley. Do you know her?"

JB: "No I don't think so."

S: "Okay. So whats with you and Ashley?"

JB: "who?"

S: "The girl from English."

JB: " Oh nothing."

S: "So she didn't flirt with you?"

JB: " Yes she did. But I didn't flirt back."

S: " Okay."

T: Okay that's it give me your phones.

Justin & Selena *Gives their phones to the teacher.*


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