The Wake


1. The Wake

The Wake

I can’t feel anything, except the rain pitter pattering on my face. Everyone is in black and they are all crying, but me. I don’t understand why, I’m so bewildered at the moment. God, help me feel something other than numbness and pain, help me to experience sadness and depression. Please God, I am desperate, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be asking for your help, Amen.

I opened my eyes and it was still raining, I looked around me and everyone was still crying, so I felt my face and it was as dry as a dog’s throat without any water. Although, it was very peculiar because at that sudden moment, I shouted as loud as I could, no one could hear me, but why? I almost thought as if I was in the car with her. So I walked over and tried to hold my dad’s hand, but he didn’t feel it. I grew curiouser and curiouser by the moment. Suddenly, the wind picked up drastically and I felt really cold, and I looked at my hand, I saw my ring getting looser by the second, then it fell off…

Then, I found myself standing where everyone else was and so I looked and by the time I noticed they had put something in the ground, and to my horror, it was my mum’s headstone and then someone was blocking my view so I thought I would tap him on his shoulder, my hand went right through him and that haunted me so much because I knew something was seriesoluy worng then. So with that information I went in front of him and it didn’t bother him at all. Then I saw another name, my name; “In loving memory of Jane and Elizabeth Walker.” Then I thought that something must have happened and don’t remember.

I felt something run down my face, so I touched it and it felt moist and sticky, I was too stunned to look, but I decided to face my fears, it was blood, my blood coming from a cut deep, inside my head. In that moment, my whole life just flashed right before my eyes and then I saw that night, there was a thunder storm and I was in the car with my mum and there was a drunk driver driving through a red light, then a bright light. That’s all I saw. Then it stopped raining and the sun came out, I looked up and the sun was shining on my face, like I never experienced. Then I could feel something pulling me really tightly and I was lifted off of the ground and taken up to the sun and never to be talked of again. I could feel myself turning into a star and fly away, not upwards, not downwards, but straight ahead into the horizon …


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