Kidnapped // 1D

Zayn waits at the alter. He's excited to get married to the woman of his dreams. But as he gets nervous, she's quitting him, the door opens and Niall flies in. 'She's been kidnapped, mate.'

Idea by Matilde Pedersen.


4. The first quest.

Zayn woke early the next day, and checked the other tents. Everybody was still here. He sighed, as he saw a piece of paper flutter in the wind, hanging on top of Liam and Sille's tent. He took the note down and read it. 


Good morning.

Here is the first task for you to complete.

I've removed all your supplies this night. In this wood, this means you have no food or water at all. Not one deer lives  in here. Not one flood strems its path by. Now it's up to you to survive.

Praise yourselves, to still be alive.

You have two options. You could either eat eachother and drink their blood. Or live a day without food or water.

And as we both know. That isn't possible, when the heat rises to 104 degrees.

Have fun, and good luck.

You're gonna need it.


The best regards,

Your master. xx


Zayn stared blankly at the paper, and felt the heat on his shoulders. The snow faded, and revealed a desert-like land all over. The others started to wake up, and Niall claimed, he wannted breakfast. But as he looked around, he noticed the food and water bags gone.

'What happened, Zayn?!' he said, desperately.

Zayn handed him the paper wordlessly, a stern look on his face. Niall dropped the paper, and screamed.

'OH DEAR GOD! NO FOOD! WE'RE DEAD, I TELL YOU! DEAD!' Niall's face went completely pale, and he sat down, looking lost.

The others were awaken by Niall's screaming, Liam taking the paper from the ground. As it passed around, all colour drained from each persons face. Zayn looked at them, realizing all this was his fault. He fell down, crying.

'Zayn, don't cry. We're gonna get her back. We'll survive a day without food and water, no matter how tough it is. We're in this together right?' Liam said, hugging him. Zayn looked up at his encouraging face, and smiled. Liam always made things seem good. He rised, ready to fight back this insane man. How could you even do this to people. A crazy, sick mindgame.

All you needed to win was will.

But did they have enough?


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