Kidnapped // 1D

Zayn waits at the alter. He's excited to get married to the woman of his dreams. But as he gets nervous, she's quitting him, the door opens and Niall flies in. 'She's been kidnapped, mate.'

Idea by Matilde Pedersen.


7. Looking.

'See you all!' Niall yelled.

The others waved goodbye to Niall and continued in each their direction. They'd decided to look for Nanna seperated. They could get more done if they split up. Zayn was going that way, where the heat device stood. Harry was with him. He was devastated, and couldn't be alone. Zayn was so sorry for him. It must be terrible to walk around, not knowing what would happen to your love. Zayn knew how he felt. He felt just the same way. 

They'd walked about 1 hour when suddenly in front of Zayn, a great mountain rised. It was completely straight, as if been shaped.  And it screamed. For help.

'HELP ME! HELP ME!' Nanna's voice sounded far away, fainted. 

Zayn looked at Harry. Harry looked happier, now he knew she was alive. 'Mate, I think she's on the other side. Let's go!'

They ran around the mountain, when a loud noise rang through the forest. The others had found the key. Zayn took his whistle out, and blew it three times. Then another whistle from the east joined. Zayn started blowing the whistle like crazy, so they knew where to go. They turned a bit, and stopped hard.

There, Nanna hang, her hands locked in a padlock, which was swung over a trunk. On each sides of her were big walls, decorated with long spikes, glancing in the sunlight. They were near her. Nearer than expected. She hang wordlessly, a terrified expression on her face.

Zayn heard footsteps in the wood behind them, and a second later, Niall, Liam, Louis, Amalie, Sille and Anne-Sophie came out, all completely out of breath. In Liam's hand laid a glowing gold key, waiting to be used. Harry ran over, took the key, and rushed to Nanna. He put the key in, and unlocked her. She fell to the ground, and didn't get up again. Harry bent over her, and cried. The others went to see what was wrong.

All over her body was wounds made by a knife. 'You'll never live', 'dead', 'useless', 'fat' and a lot of other words were carved into her skin. Her head was tilted, and tears streamed down her face, as she pointed to one specific word. 'Nerd'. If you didn't know her story, you wouldn't understand. Throughout her whole life, she had been struggling with bullying. That word hurting her the most, as it were bounded with rape. They'd raped her, and screamed, 'You like that do you, nerd?', and after, they'd carve that word in her skin. As that man had did now. She closed her eyes. Wishing to be gone. Harry took her up and held her close. 

'Don't ever leave me'

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