Kidnapped // 1D

Zayn waits at the alter. He's excited to get married to the woman of his dreams. But as he gets nervous, she's quitting him, the door opens and Niall flies in. 'She's been kidnapped, mate.'

Idea by Matilde Pedersen.


1. Left at the alter

Zayn looked around. Matilde was 10 minutes late. 

'Relax, Zayn. She likes you. She's gonna be here soon' he encouraged himself. Another quick glance at the clock told him she was 15 minutes late. He started thinking, she was ditching him. What if she had another guy? It'll break him. The guests sat restlessly at their chairs, some started taking their phones out to play games ot surf on the net. The priest leaned towards Zayn.

'Don't worry. She's probably just fixing her hair or makeup' he said, smiling. Zayn smiled back but it faded, once he turned away. He was really nervous now. 30 minutes late, and not a call, a message, anything. His mum, and siblings sat at the front and his mum smiled sadly to him. She was thinking the same thing. 

Zayn heard footsteps outside the port and straightened up. She was coming. He took out a mirror, checked his hair, gorgeus as always. The port blast open, and Niall entered. He ran up to Zayn, sweat dripping from his hair.

'I'm sorry mate. She's been kidnapped.' he whispered. 

Zayn dropped his mirror, and it cracked as it hit the floor. The thought couldn't get into his mind. His love, his girl, his heart, his life was gone. Kidnapped by somebody. Slipped out of his hands. He fell to the ground, and his mum went up to him.

'Baby, what's wrong?' she asked.

'She's- Matilde, shes been kidnapped' he stammered. The tears growed in his eyes, and he started crying, fully displayed in public. He didn't care right now, everything didn't matter. Only one thing stood clear. He had to find Matilde, and it had to be soon. 

The hunt begun.

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