Kidnapped // 1D

Zayn waits at the alter. He's excited to get married to the woman of his dreams. But as he gets nervous, she's quitting him, the door opens and Niall flies in. 'She's been kidnapped, mate.'

Idea by Matilde Pedersen.


9. Game over.

'Guys? Guys! Wake up!' Nialls voice cut through Zayn's sleep, and woke him.

He got up, took some clothes on and stuck his head outof the tent. Niall sat with yet another note in his hands. The others slowly gathered together around him. Niall looked confused, surprised in some way. The note passed around, and Zayn grabbed it eagerly as it came to him.


Hello there!

You've all survived my game. Or, most of you have. Unfortunately one of you died.

Ah, I still remember her screams of pain. Begging for me to stop. And begging me to keep going.

Well, I've set up signs, leading you to my house in this foreign forest.

I will be expecting you in an hour, or your prize will die.

See you,

Your master xx


Now Zayn understood Niall. He had the exact same facial expression. Was it really over? All the fear would be gone. Would it really be good again? Be normal? No, not normal, never normal, without Nanna. Harry would never be completely happy again. All Zayn wished for was Harry's surival.

'What should we do? Shouldn't we start walking now?' Liam asked, looking at them all. Zayn ripped out of his thoughts and nodded. Louis made a sign to follow him, and they walked. Followed all the signs. After 40 minutes they saw a house. It was big, and beautifully decorated. Golden stars followed the road up to the door.

Zayn looked at Liam, and he nodded. Now was the time. Zayn bit his lip, and stepped up to the door. A loud cracking noise broke through the silence, when the door opened. Inside it was light. The walls were a light beige color. 

'Hello. I've expected you' a voice said. It was cold, faking a friendly tone. Zayn turned swiftly and saw a dark figure sit in a high, red chair.

'Give me her back. Now.' Zayn's voice was hard and demanding.

'Relax, my friend,  lets-'

'I'm not your friend' Zayn abrupted.

'Okay, then. Lets talk about it. Congratulations for winning my game. You've been my first competitors. But not the last. I will give you your precious girl back in a moment. And then I will release you.'

'How can I trust you?'

'Oh, you have no other choice, Zayn Malik. Else you will never get Matilde Østergaard Pedersen back. That's her name right? I've had a good time here with her.' The man turned around, and went out through a door. Short after he returned with Matilde beside him. She was weak, clearly underweight. He released her after whispering something in her ear. She ran to Zayn and he ebraced her. He felt her warmth. Her smell. Her body. His heat started pounding, and for the first time in a long while, he smiled of happiness.

'You shouldn't have trusted me' The man stepped out of the shadows with a gun and pointed it to Zayn. 'Don't trust people. Goodbye Zayn.'

'Goodbye, master' a voice said. A shot sounded and the man fell dead to the floor. Behind him stood Liam with a gun in his hand. Niall entered the room, holding a fighting guard.

'They tried to kill us outside, but they couldn't fire. They had forgotten to secure it.' Niall smacked the guard. They stepped closer to the dead master. His face was pure. Not a single pimple, a wrinkle nothing was to spot on his head. Though, was that a hole he had? Zayn reached for it, and pulled. It was a mask. Under it his real face was extremely wrinkled and didn't look like it had ever smiled. Harry gasped.

'I know him. Nanna has told me about him. He was one of those who raped her. That motherfucking bastard.' Harry spat on him, and left the room, clearly mad.

'What do we do?' Amalie asked, taking Niall's hand and kissing him.

'I recommend, we get out of here.' They all walked out of the house, and looked up to the sun. A new beginning was about to start. And this event had tied them tighter, tied them with the experience of losing a friend, a love.

Zayn looked at Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Amalie, Matilde, Sille and Anne-sophie. Couples boken by one lonely boy. Zayn waved Harry up to him, and stood by him. They hugged, and Harry cried into Zayn's shoulder. He looked to the sky. It might be a new beginning, but easy wouldn't be the word to describe it.


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