Kidnapped // 1D

Zayn waits at the alter. He's excited to get married to the woman of his dreams. But as he gets nervous, she's quitting him, the door opens and Niall flies in. 'She's been kidnapped, mate.'

Idea by Matilde Pedersen.


2. Chasing

They called the police as soon as they got home. They agreed to let them borrow some of their bloodhounds, and early next morning, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Amalie(Matilde's best friend), Sille(Liam's girlfriend), Nanna(Harry's girlfriend) and Anne-Sophie(Louis' girlfriend) set off with tents, food, and sleeping bags packed, because they were going on a long trip throughout the country searching for Matilde. All track they had was a slip of the kidnapper's blouse hanging on a knife in Matilde's house. The bloodhounds smelled it, and immediatly set off towards east. For 10 hours straight they walked in the woods, until they decided to set camp in the middle, when it was getting dark. The tents weren't big, so they slept two and two. Harry & Nanna, Louis & Anne-Sophie, Liam & Sille, Niall & Amalie, but no one was left to be with Zayn. On the late hours of night, he heard the others snore, but he couldn't fall asleep, knowing that Matilde might be hurt right now. She could even be dead by now. Why hadn't he cme for her, when she didn't arrive? He had the blame, because he wasn't there for her. Thinking all these thoughts he started to cry. Silently, burning down his cheeks, the tears streamed down his face, leaving wet marks. He cried for hours. He missed her. She had been his whole world, since they met on that concert in Denmark. The perfect moment, they met eachothers eyes. He fell for her straight. She was laughing, her cute little laugh, that always made him happy. Then she had smiled, and Zayn had asked her out after the concert. He called her every hour of the day, and when he was sleeping, he dreamt of her. So when his dream came true, and she said yes to marrying him, he thought everything was perfect. Until this. He was going to find that motherfucker, and kick him down. Zayn was so determined on this, that his mind didn't leave the thought, but held tight onto it. It was nearly dawn, so he decided to sleep. Only a second, after he fell asleep, a mysterious shadow moved out side.

With a knife held tightly in his hand.

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