After Darren Shan, the Vampires and Vampanezes lived in peace. But some Vampaneze thought that they shouldn't and broke away. Chaos spread the world.

Sam is a half Vampire. He doesn't know, but when the Vampaneze came for him, he ran. Now you can read the official book.


2. 2 months earlier...

Feet pounding on the concrete playground. I could hear John's heavy breath behind me. He was so close I could feel his breath on my skin. This was the career tributes chasing Katniss in The Hunger games. But this isn't a book. This is real life. John, the bully. Me, the victim. I wish I hadn't told that loud mouth Hannah who I fancied. Jade, John s girlfriend. why did I open my mouth. Do I dare to take a glimpse behind me? Yes. I swerve my head to see the fire in his chocolate brown eyes. His ginger hair cropped. He was a big build, big enough to be a bully. But he wasn't dumb. He was in the top set, with me. But before I can turn my head round, I crash into the wire mesh fence that separates us from the freedom of school. My body takes most of the impact, but its not the worst to come. I close my eyes, waiting to feel the sharp pain in my stomach. But it doesn't. Instead, I hear the shrill sound of the bell. Saved by the bell.

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