This is another one of my darker/more serious poems, which are often written when I'm in deep thought about the world.


1. Forgotten

Agitation trembles in my

Body as I score these words;

Confined comfortably while I

Dream and others wander,

Existing in this poor; fragile;

Forsaking world.


god weeps greatly with

Heaviness, glaring at the

Immoral changes; injustice

Joking around earth, like

Kids kicking the poor; fragile

Limping world.

Myself/everyone floods the

Never ending rising oceans;

Ozone is scorched and then

Poor Polar can’t stand the

Quenching heat, like the poor; fragile

Ravenous world.


Strife continues and

Tedious individuals 

Unite to save. No matter,

Very few others are motivated;

Willpower drowned and cremated- the poor; fragile

X-terminated world.


Yearning for life but forgotten god: equals


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