My life is a drag. every day is boring and normal. I go to school, get home, do my homework, well I do everything my parents tell me to, or expect me to do. I don't believe in love either, that's just ridiculous, stupid. I hate it, why do I even live this way. Why don't I just do something about it, but I know why deep inside of me, I do know it, it's because I don' want to disappoint my parents, my teachers, my family. I'm practically just a doll, who does everything anyone tells me to do, because I can't stand up for myself. It’s such a drag.

Follow Kately in her story to discover a new side of the world when she discovers that she is more special than she thinks, and when she meets the mysterious new guy that no one knows anything about, the guy who will open her eyes and see the world in another perspective


2. Chapter 2

I looked surprised at him. "How, how do you know, that I was faking" I said, with a shocked voice. He smiled at me. "I knew, from the moment I saw you, you are special you now, your almost just like me, that's why I knew it" he said, with such caring voice. I felt that he was pitting me, and I got angry. "I don't need your pity you now, I'm just fine, as it is" I lied, and looked everywhere but him. He smiled. "I don't pity you, but my job is to protect you" he said, with a serious looking face. "Protect me?" I asked. "Why?" I looked like a big question, and he laughed, "yes, protect you" he said secretly, and began to walk away. I ran up by his side. "What do you mean, by protect me, am I in danger" I said curiously. He looked at me, and smiled. "Kinda" he answered. Our eyes met, and I gasped. "Your eyes, they shifted color" I said, shocked. He looked away. "I have to go now, sorry" he said and disappeared without a trace.

I stared into the air, without listening to the teacher. I was too focused, on what happened a few minutes ago, that I couldn't concentrate at class. "Kately, Kately wake up, you're in the middle of class now, so don't space out" my teacher yelled at me. I looked surprised up at her. "Oh sorry, it wasn't my intention to space out like that, I guess I fell a little sick right now" I said as nice as I could. She looked at me with a slightly worried look on her face. "Do you need to go to the school nurse" she asked. I shook my head lightly. "No, don't worry, I'm just felling a little dizzy, no need to worry about me" I smiled.
I was on my way home, a little earlier than usual, because of my dizziness. I sighted, when I saw the forest, I didn’t want to go through this part of the forest, it was scary, even in bright daylight it was dark, mysterious and scary. Normally I would have been driving through the forest, but my parents weren’t home right now, so I was forced to walk. I remembered that one night, then I was forced to walk, it was dark, and the only light was the full moon, shining down on me, making my silver hair shine beautifully, but the moon was just making the forest even more terrifying, than it already was. That night, I was scared the hell of. I looked back, to that scary night. I was walking through the forest alone, for the first time. I was scared but didn’t want to admit it. I felt eyes looking at me all around me, I felt an ice cold chill down my neck, and when I saw it, the red eyes staring into mine, bloodthirsty, it flew out of the bush towards me, our eyes met, and I felt a cold chill from my fingers and through the rest of my body. Its red eyes glaring at me, undressing me with its eyes thirsting for blood, and something else I couldn’t set my finger on what it was. The moment was broken then the bird flew a few centimeters over my head, and I ran, feeling its eyes glaring at me from behind. I was relieved then I came in through my doorstep, that night was the first time I felt it, the house welcoming me, the overwhelming warm wrapped around me, like the house was hugging me saying ‘don’t worry you are safe now, I’ll protect you, like I always have done.’ It was the first time I discovered, what an unusual house we had, it was like it always protected its inhabitants, and welcomed them with a warm feeling.

I was almost at home. Almost out of the scary part of the forest, then I was attacked. I didn’t know who it was, but his hands were ice cold, so cold that I could feel an ice cold chill down through my body. He whispered in my ear: “What’s wrong, can’t handle the cold.” He grinned evilly out to the sky. His hands sought down for my breasts, touching my breasts, with a hard grip. I screamed in pain, terrified and frustrated. He began to tear my close to shreds, until I was completely naked. I couldn’t move, it was like my whole body was frozen to ice. He threw me to the ground, and began to play with my private parts, and when finally he tried to break into me. I screamed an ice cold, heart breaking scream, and suddenly I could move, I hit him as hard as I could, but felt a bone break. I screamed out loud, terrified. He was as hard as stone, and ice cold. Who was he? He couldn’t be human that was impossible. Suddenly, before he could get his thing inside of me, he was thrown away by someone. I looked up, and there he was standing. “Shayne,” I whispered surprised. He was fighting, punching the other guy, in the face, and broke his neck, with a clicking sound. He turned and looked at me. I sad op, blushing, I was fully aware that I was naked. He looked away. His face was red. He tossed his jacket to me a little slow, almost like he actually, liked what he was seeing. I could feel my head get hot, and I instantly new, my head was all read of blush. I quickly wrapped his jacket around me, and looked down, to the ground. “Thanks” I whispered

Shayne lifted me, and began to walk towards my house, without a word. I looked at his face, and felt my heart beat race, I felt warm. It was a new feeling, I had never felt anything like it. What was this new feeling was it love, no it couldn’t be, could it. I could feel his warm body against mine, I felt safe in his arms, this warm feeling trough my body, I couldn’t help but feel safe. He looked down at me, and our eyes met, he smiled. I was stunned his smile was so beautiful, I felt my heartbeat pound in my chest faster than usual, like it would break out of my chest any moment. “Are you okay?” he asked concerned. “You look a little pale.” I nodded speechless, I couldn’t get a word out of my mouth, it was like my mouth was glued together. I smiled carefully to him, and he smiled back. Suddenly he reached down to me, and he kissed me. I looked surprised at him, and from that moment on, I knew that he was special, he wasn’t plane boring like the others, no he was fascinating.
His kiss was breathtaking, and I couldn’t help but love it. I swung my arms around his neck, pressing him closer to my mouth, and soon after our tongues met. It was a stunning moment, and when our lips parted, I sighed longingly, and smiled. “You’re a great kisser, do you now that” I said teasingly, and smiled. He blushed a little. “Stop teasing me” he said, and smiled. I laughed lightly, and smiled charming, I knew how beautiful I was, so when he looked at me I knew he was stunned by my smile, and I was right, I smiled even brighter, and looked him in the eyes. This time his eyes were green, I couldn’t stop looking at them. “What color eyes do you originally have, and what are you exactly?” I asked curiously. He looked concerned at me. “Can you wait till we get inside your house” he asked. I nodded, and leaned against his chest, closing my eyes.
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