Figuring it out. Or, at least, I'm trying.

Trying to figure out these things, without getting caught. Come and get me.... Too slow. IIxI


3. Fairytales and fairygirls.

I'm a fairy, you're just too blind to see my wings.

It's not a joke.

When you're a small kid, you're told you can be whatever you wanna be, right? Well, I wanna be a fairy. I also wanna be happy and loved, but that's a minor detail. And I have decided that from now on, you can call me Cora the Fairy. No, you HAVE to call me so.

Because, when I'm a fairy, I don't have to worry about what Cora the Human worries about. I just have to worry about sleeping, eating and having fun. Oh, well, and watering my flowers. How easy is that?

Pretty easy, if I have to say it myself.

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