Unspoken secrets

Our secret is nearly reveald. We haft to leave now. The burden of takeing another living persons life is to big to bear. How do you live. You are a killer. A murder committed buy YOUR hands and all you do is run away. Run from the secrets you lock in a chest in you mind. But when the chest is forced open you cant cope. You start to die inside


3. ~Spy~

We took some bikes we found randomly on the road outside some pub. Haven knew how to hotwire them. We jumped on and drove as fast as we could to town. There we looked around for a while. "Look over there. Crazy bills tattoos!" She read off the sign on a shop a few feet away. She took my hand and we ran towards it. 

The doors where sticky and tough to open. Inside it smelled like rubber and paint. The floor was white and bright pink quilted.  There where hospital green laying chairs and designs hanging all over the walls.  We walked up to a small desk at the front of the store where a half chubby man with a white beard and a bandana sat. "Welcome to Crazy bills tattoos. I'm Bill what can i help you with?" He laughed. "Sorry stupid question. What kind of tattoos are you interested in and where do ya' want em'?" He asked getting a book filled with designs. He gave us the books and we paged threw them. 

I found a skull and cross bones with black tears i chose. Haven chose a black flower with a skull coming out of it. We passed the books back and told him where. We decided that we both wanted my tatto on the left shoulder and hers on the right. A sort of reminder that we where best freinds we told him. Although that was a lie. It was sort of a punishment for what we did. Especially if the guy at school today is who we think he is. 

The pain was not as bad as i thought but still two tatoos in a row stung a bit. "First time i do a BFF tattoo. You girls must realy care about each others huh?" Bill asked freindly to distrackt Haven from the pain. "Yeah." Haven answered threw her teeth. He finished Havens shoulders and went on to mine. When he was done with mine we went to the cash register. When we asked for the price he looked thoughfull. "I don't know. Something about how much you care about each other makes you look guilty. I can't bring myself  to make it full price. So i don't know. Just give me a littel over 200." We smiled. He was nice. Of course we didn't deserve it. But it was nice to have someone care. Even though it didn't realy count. "Thank you" We said at the same time. We left the money and walked out. 

When we got home we walked towards the woods going for a littel walk. On the trail towards the woods we saw him. He was jogging. I gave haven a quick look. She nodded. We quickly walked into the forest and followed him. He had an ipod plugged in his ears. He seemed oblivios to anythuíng but himself. We followed him to his house. It was small and dirty. Clearly he was not home much. We hid buy the wall close to his window. 

"Look for the neck." Haven whispered her voice anxios. I nodded. We peeped threw the window and just as we feared. He had a scar on the back of his neck. We ran home to me. My parents where dead and i managed to live alone without raising suspision. We slammed the door and locked it tight. "Oh god. Oh no. Where monsters!!" Haven nearly shouted. "Alright lets just watch tv. Don't think about it. We will talk to him tomorrow." I said she nodded. The best thing to do now was not to think about it. We sat down on my black sofa and tuned on the TV. It was the news. A barbie doll'ed up new reporter started talking.

"A Body of a white male in his thirties was found in the black lake this morning. The police say the body has been dead for years. CSI are working on the case." I looked at haven. I turned off the tv. "Where screwed..."

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