Unspoken secrets

Our secret is nearly reveald. We haft to leave now. The burden of takeing another living persons life is to big to bear. How do you live. You are a killer. A murder committed buy YOUR hands and all you do is run away. Run from the secrets you lock in a chest in you mind. But when the chest is forced open you cant cope. You start to die inside


5. ~Open road~

None of us knew where we wheir going. All we knew was we had to leave. Go far away until the police put the case in the unsolved pile and left it there to rot in the empty space. Until then we wheir criminals on the run. Before they could figure out we where involved in this. When they did, if they did, we would be reported as missing and then the case couldn't possibly go on. Could it?

This was all we where hopeing for. Nothing else but for this whole thing to be forgotten. What else could we do?  Go in there and admit that we had brutally killed two people because the raped and kidnappet us? What reason would they have to belive us. Andre could sell us out again but we had no proof. Nothing to convince them of our innocence. Going in there is a walk straight to jail. 

We headed out for the high road, and coontinued down it watching as the sun set and time flying by. After walking for a good lon periode of time i realised one conundrum we where in. We didn't know when to stop, we'd most likely haft to steal for money and food, and we would probably never sleep indoors for a long time. All we had to sleep with was two sleeping bags and we are three. Plus a too small tent.

Better than nothing but highly suspisios. 

When the sun was down and starts where beginning to appear in the sky i could hear all three of us panting and gasping for air. we stopped in front of a small forrest to catch out breath. When i had my air back to normal and my breathing okay even i resolved that it was okay to ask. "Should we go into the forrest and set up the tent?" I asked pointing at the tent neatly folded in the smallest most convinient carrying bag ever, that Andre was holding.

Haven hadn't been so lucky cathing her air yet, but she simply nodded. Trudging forward to the quiet breese of the wind.

It didn't take long for us to reach a point in the forrest where the ground was okay flat enough for the tent to stay put. We all pitched in and got it up in no more then a few minutes. I got up from hacking the last nail in the ground to hold the tent and realised my throat was burning with thirst. Breathing felt like my throat was pure sandpaper. I looked around for any water source until my gaze met the sky. 

Blackish clouds drifted over my head and i smiled. For the first time since the tv had reported the body. For this moment nothing ment more to me than this one cloud carrying clean water. I didn't look down the rain started to pour. I simply opened my mouth and let the single lucky drops of rain fall into my mouth. I saw have was setting up three cups she had brought along and a water dunk. Collecting the for once lovely rain.

"Perfect." I heard Andre say. His voice was not sarcastic. it was leveled and pure relif. It sounded like the old Andre i onced loved and held dear.

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