Unspoken secrets

Our secret is nearly reveald. We haft to leave now. The burden of takeing another living persons life is to big to bear. How do you live. You are a killer. A murder committed buy YOUR hands and all you do is run away. Run from the secrets you lock in a chest in you mind. But when the chest is forced open you cant cope. You start to die inside


4. ~Andre~

Andre was my boyfreind when i was fourteen. We loved each other deeply. Until we where kidnapped and his brother was to blame he even had help from his cousin. Me Haven and Andre where taken, raped, beaten. But Andre got less because it was his brother. Then he killed his cousin. Then to save himself for what he had done he teamed up with his brother. Helping him...

It went on for half a year. Until finally his brother dropped the knife. We where quick to take but when he brought out his gun Haven in self sefense stabbed him in the heart...

He died quickly and Andre in rage went after me. Haven threw me the knife and i...hit him in the neck..I was certain it was him. Now he is at our school. The boy i once loved and once tried to kill...

I looked over at Haven. She looked back at me. "We have to go. Far away from here. My parents there gone too. I acually sent them away to live away from me..." I nodded. I knew  that. She had told them she needed to live on her own so they gave her the house and got another one. 

"We haft to take Andre with us!" I said.Why did i say that? He was fine without knowing any of this! He most likely had memory loss and doesen't remember what happened (lucky) why bring him along "Your right. He is a part of this and if they find our prints on his brothers body the first one they will go to is him. If he remembers he will spill his guts on us!" I nodded. I hope thats why i said it. 

"What about his parents? They remember the time when we where kidnapped! What to tell them?!" She sighed. Her brow puckered i knew she was thinking hard. This had to go fast. "We give him his memory back today and then we ask him." She said. We got up and started packing. 

"If he spills his guts?" I asked her when we where packed and ready to go. "Then we either run like hell or...you know" I nodded. I packed along a knife. 

When we got outside Andre was storming towards us.Why is he comeing? Random walk? I gave Haven a worried look. She nodded. "I know who you are know!!" He said pointing at us. I looked down at my feet. "Isey how could i forget you?!" He blamed himself. I tried to speak but he shushed me. 

"Did you see the news? That was MY brother. MY brother you know. The one YOU TWO KILLED." Haven grabbed his arm and wisted it backwards he screamed in pain. "You listen closely you littel insect. You where our best freind. We trusted you and what do you do? You rape us, beat us all to save your own ass. You are just as much in this as we are. Don't remember you killed too." She snarled the word kill.

He sighed. "I know. So judging by the bags i'm guessing your leaving. Well so am i so lets go."


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