The ugly truth // JB

Matilde comes to her first concert with justin Bieber. She's crazy about him. And love at first sight happens between them. But Justin hides a horrible secret behind the happy smile.


1. The concert

'Mum! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!' Matilde screamed, as she stood outside, waiting impatiently, but shaking with excitement. She was finally meeting her idol, Justin Bieber. That boy, who stole her heart two years ago, and still had it. Matilde knew she didn't have a chance with him, but she couldn't ignore that little burst of hope in her chest.

'I'm coming, sweety!' her mum screamed, hurrying down the stairs, looking in her purse for the car keys.

Matilde sprinted out in the car with her best friend, Amalie, who was a Belieber too, and they nearly screamed of joy to finally being on the way to see Justin Bieber. Her mum strolled in the car, started it with a big  roar, and set off. Matilde had dressed in JB clothes only, and had painted JB in her face. The same had Amalie, their shirts both purple. A hord of screaming girls appeared in front of them, and warned them, that they were close to the concert. Mailde and Amalie jumped out of the car before the car even stopped.


It was time. They sat on their places almost right in front of the stage. Music started playing and Justin appeared on stage singing 'One Time'. Matilde and Amalie looked at eachother for a second, smirked, and screamed. 


Justin looked up, staring direcctly at Matilde. She stopped sreaming, her mouth hanging open,, then blushed as she realized Justin had stopped playing, because he was too  busy looking at her. 

'Errm, Justin, keep playing!' Matilde yelled at him. This shook Justin out of his trance, and he turned back to the music, but still looking at Matilde out of the corner of his eye.

'OMG, Matilde, he likes you!' Amalie stated.

'Do you think? I think so too!' Matilde whispered, her voice trembling with joy.

The concert went on with no interruptions and soon it was over. Too soon.

'THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!' MAtilde and Amalie screamed to eachpther. They raised and went to go out. But before Matilde had gone away, a hand grabbed her arm. She swirled around and stood to face the one and only, Justin Bieber.

'Erm, Amalie, just go on.' she said to her friend. Amalie left the arena with a wink.

'I couldn't stop looking at you the whole time. You were so beautiful. Would you mind going out with me sometime? Your name?' Justin said, smiling.

'Omg, seriously? You've got to be kidding me! Of course I will! My name's Matilde.' MAtilde answered, smiling like a goof all over the face.

'Well, give me your number, and I'll call later.'

In a trance Matilde gave Justin her number, turned around, waved goodbye and went out in the car. Too tired to tell Amalie anything, she promised to call her tomorrow. She went straight to bed, and fell asleep with her clothes on, dreaming of marriage with Justin Bieber.

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