Deadly Secret

My name is Tayla Brook.
Everyone is scared of something, right?
You'd expect a sixteen-year-old, like myself, to be fearless, afraid of nothing.
But you're wrong.
My heart aches with betrayal.
This is my story.


4. Chapter 4


I woke up screaming, drenched in sweat. I bolted upright and gripped the sheets in my fists. He'd been so close, his hands on my shoulders. He could have drawn a knife on my at any moment. And yet, my body, somehow, knew how to drag my back to the surface of consciousness. My heart pounded wildly in my chest as I wondered if killing me in my dream would kill me in real life. No. I couldn't let him get to me like that. But, when I succumb to the night once again, will he finally silence me forever?

A scream threatened to surface as I saw his face in the shadows of my room. It disappeared seconds later. Just a figure of my imagination. But how long could I survive the taunting, flashing images of his sinister face? Soon my insanity will overpower all. What would I be then? An empty shell? A screech boiled from between my lips as an image of Shay's still, cold face flashed in front of my eyes. Tears fell as I saw her eyes roll up in her head. Her life has been so visciously stolen from her. A smart girl who had barely seen what the world had to offer. And I did nother to stop it. I was a coward. And now, I had to face my punishment. Insanity. 

I rolled my eyes, trying to persuade myself that I would overcome this problem. Collapsing back against my pillow, I closed my eyes and welcomed the dream I feared. On the brink of sleep, I saw his menacing face looming over Shay's body, limp in his arms. I jerked myself upright, refusing to surrender to my nightmares. I would not wave the white flag. Not yet. I jigged my legs, in an attempt to keep me conscious. I scrambled out of my bed and headed towards my en suit. Watching the bath slowly fill with steamy water, I stripped out of my nightwear and tipped my toes into the bath's contents. The scorching water jerked me awake, causing adrenaline to pump through my veins. Slowly, I sunk into the water, I leaned back against the head rest, enjoying this moment of serenity. For a moment, I forgot, and closed my eyes. I gribbed the handle bars of the tub as Evan's face flashed behind my closed eyelides. Somehow, this time, I couldn't open my eyes, yet, I was still awake. 

"Surrender, little girl," he said insidiously, to my mind. 

"What...what are you?" I sputtered, aloud. 

His face, behind my eyelids, began to flicker. 

"Haven't you guessed?" he snickered. "I'm an anomaly."

"That means nothing," I blurted, a sudden rush of confidence jolted through me. I didn't open my eyes, because if he did, he would be gone and this could be my only chance to find out what he is.

"It's means I'm a demon, stupid little girl," he snapped, impatiently. His image flared with anger. "My human appearence is a disguise. I'm not a sixteen-year-old boy. I am eternity. I am everything. I am untouchable."

My body began to shake virousciously. Suddenly, I felt a tight grip around my neck, even though no one was in the en suit. with me. I tried to open my eyes, tried to rid of Evan, but I found no hope. The grip on my neck urged me under. My own grip on the handle bars tightened, trying to hold my head above water. 

"I kept your secret a secret," I sputtered, choking on water.

"Haven't you heard? Demons never hold up their end of the deal," his voice boomed in my mind as his image grew stronger.

My hold on the handle bars grew weaker as my strength faded. My head fully underwater. 

"You know what they say," Evan laughed evilly. "Secrets go to the grave."

If I hadn't been fully submerged in water, I would have been crying wildly.

You'll rot in hell for this, I thought bitterly.

"I already have."

I knew I wouldn't be able to fight him much longer. He was a demon in desperate need for a body to possess. For some psychotic reason, he wanted mine. He wanted me dead.

You may have my body, I thought, carmly. But you haven't won.

I let go of the handle bars and let them float on the water's surface. My heartbeat slowed, and yet, I felt at peace. I was serene, caressed by the warm, rippling water. 

I welcomed Death with open arms.



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