Struggling for survival // 1D

One thing can change a persons life.


6. Survival.

Yet again, Harry found himself placed in the hospital with objects keeping him alive. A doctor walked in. 

'Harry. You're not stabile. You're in an extremely fragile state. Your heart has collapsed no less than 6 times over the past 4 hours. If you're lucky, you'll survive. If you're not, well then, you'll have to say goodbye to this world. You need a new heart. But, I just don't uderstand. Your heart will only collapse, when you're extremely afraid, or nervous. What set you off, Harry? Do you have any idea? Did you see anything that night, that you can't forget?' the doctor said, looking suspiciouly over his glasses.

Yes, yes, there are. I'm falling to pieces inside of fright. A man is following me, apparently he's insane, and trying to kill me. I'm struggling to survive in a world, where I could be killed anywhere.

'No, not a thing. I'm fine.' Harry said with a weak smile, he only just managed to pull up. The doctor gave him another glance, then went out, leaving Harry alone in the room. He was trapped in his own mind. He didn't know if he could trust anybody. He couldn't even trust himself. Harry grabbed a pillow and buried his head in it. It was easier to be dead.


Harry woke up in the middle of night, woken by footsteps. He was immediatly aware, that a person stood outside his room. A light press on the door handle, and it opened. It was that man again. He looked unarmed at first sight, bu he had a small bulge, that indicated the same gun that Harry had been shot with. He still had the small hole in the chest.

'Shh, lay still, Harry, then nothing will happen.' a rough voice said kind.

'What are you here for? Who are you?' Harry asked.

'Hush, Harry. Nothing's going to happen to you. If you behave of course. I'm not going to tell you my name, or what I want. Only one thing can I tell you. You better sleep with one eye open, if you want to wake up alive.' he whispered, quietly slipping out of the door.

Harry stared blankly after him, trying to work it all out. He'd seen that man before some place.

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