Struggling for survival // 1D

One thing can change a persons life.


3. Memory.

Harry woke up the next morning, surrounded by lots of machines. He wasn't dead, yet he wasn't completely alive. He breathed harshly, his mind half dark, and he felt everything rush away. He couldn't remember anything. A nurse walked in. 

'Hi, Harry, you already awake? They didn't expect you to wake up before tomorrow.' she said, taking out a surgeon and stuffing it in his arm.

'Who-Who is Harry?' said Harry confused, looking around for someone else in this room. The nurse dropped the surgeon, she had taken out of Harry's arm.

'Oh, no, this isn't good! You're Harry. You must've had a memory loss!' She ran out the door, and smacked it behind her. Harry's thoughts wandered away. Was his name Harry? How old was he? Was he even a boy? He looked down and stated, that he was indeed. But... why was he here? What had happened? And who was that girl in the lobby, crying, while screaming that she wanted her Harry back? Was it him? Harry couldn't figure this out. He was lost in his own mind. 

The door burst open and a doctor rushed in, asking Harry questions.

'Harry, do you know who I am? Do you know your age? Anything?' The doctor looked stern at the young boy.

'You're a doctor? Right? I remember a light. Coming towards me. Pain all the way through my body. Then... darkness. Complete darkness. Nothing before, nothing after.' Harry said.

'Harry, I think you've had a memory loss. We're gonna have you to look at people and mybe it'll come back, if you see the right person. That works for most people. Do you understand me? This is very important.' 

Harry nodded. The doctor went out for a moment, then came back with an older lady. She was pretty. Dark hair, a bit of wrinkles but not too many, but without a smile, her face darkned. 

'Harry, this is your mum. Can you recognize her?'

Harry looked intensly, but nothing came to him. The woman started crying as she realized Harry didn't recognize her. 

'My baby boy! He's forgotten me! Harry, I won't leave you. Never! You will get your memory back, I promise!' she cryed, while she left the room, escorted by two nurses, trying to calm her. More people came in, four boys, a blonde, a blackhaired, and two brunettes. All looking expectly at Harry, but he felt nothing. Not one feeling hit him. They played him a video of a song called 'What Makes You Beautiful' and Harry was in it. He saw himself in the video, afterwards looking in the mirror. The two boys were similar, but Harry didn't remember recording a song or a video. what was happening. He was walking around, looking alive, but nothing reminded hi more of the person he was than a ghost. Harry was decreased to a living ghost.

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