Struggling for survival // 1D

One thing can change a persons life.


11. Death

He could hear the doctors screaming to each other. The stretcher being rushed down the long corridors. His mind slipping in and out of conciousness. The sight getting blurred by a red substance dripping from his forehead. The pain in his chest. His mother running beside with tears streaming down her face. And Clara, also running beside him, and with tears too. But ot like his mothers. Not the real ones filled with pain and sorrow. These were filled with happiness, vengeance and cruelness. Her eyes staring deeply into his soul were the last thing he saw, before he passed out and found himself stuck in the memory from moments before.


 ''Claras hand reached in behind her layers of clothes and she withdraw a long, sharp knife with a wooden handle. he handle had a few indian patters carved into it. 

''I will forever remember this day. The day I got revenge over one of the most evil persons you can find. One of the most fucked up ones. Harry Styles.'' She nearly spat out his name like was it a terrible disease. As she walked around his bed, she played with the knife in her hand and traced her finger along his upper body. 

''A person everybody loves. You have thousands of fans screaming for you. Praying for your survival. How do you think they will react to your death and the split of One Direction? They will find comfort in me. They will come to me with feel-better messages. Is that even a word? Ha. Never the less, I will take power over your precious little fans. I will make them love me like they loved you. And then I'll gather them and destroy them! And you, Harry Styles, will lose everything you have close! Such as your... mom''

Madness gathered in her eyes, and turned them darker. He understood what she wanted to. She'd take everything he had close, so that she could finally furfill her vow to herself. She laughed hysterically, as she started stiking him with knife around his body, while she mumbled to herself where would be the best place to stab him. She even cut a bit in his forehed. He was exposed. Nothing could he do, since his wrists and ankles were taped to the bed. He started pulling, twisting and rolling to get out, when Clara gave out a little screech. 

''There! It's perfect! Say goodbye, my delightful Harry Styles! Say goodbye!'' she screamed wildly, as she raised the knife and hammered it down in his chest, leaving it in, as a small bloody pattern gathered on his chest. She taped him up, and wrapped his right hand around the handle. He just saw her pinching herself to tears, before she left the room running and left him there to die, while she informed of hi soon death. Then he only saw red.''

''Can he be saved?'' Anne asked desperately.

The doctor looked at her filled with pity.

''I fear not''

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