My Directioner story

This is a story about how I became a Directioner


2. The start as Directioner

Then I started to hear all the songs they sang in the Xfactor and I learned the names and I found them more hot and better singing and sweeter and more perfect. Then I started writing "One Direction" and stuff like that on my books in school and I started talking about them. Now me and Sofie was good friends and actually also quite close friends. We started hang out and chill more and me and Katrine was with her on a farm to buy her new cat. We listened to One Direction "What makes you beautiful" all the time, in school, at home and when we were together. In the start I didn't know their last name but I learned it fast. I actually learned everything about them so fast and I fangirled more and more.

Then one day I heard there was a new One Direction song called "Na na na" out and I was in Bornholm that weekend but I heard it all the time in the car on the way over the ocean to Bornholm and back again to Roskilde. I sang it all the time too and I learned all the lyrics to  "What makes you beautiful" and "Na na na". I loved them and I still do.

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