My Directioner story

This is a story about how I became a Directioner


1. The end of the summerholiday 2011

It was monday the first school day after the summerholiday and the headmaster came with a new girl called Sofie. I wanted to be friends with her but there was lots of awkward silence and we didn't knew what to say. She was so pretty and looked nice so me and Katrine and Julie (two of my best friends) asked her if she wanted to go to the city Roskilde with us. She said yes in a happy way cause she wanted to make some friends here in Denmark. In the breaks was it quite awkward and we was just sitting next to eachother and she listened to what we talked about.

I added her on Facebook and Twitter and she wrote about some guys called One Direction. Then one day in school she talked about a new music video from her favorite band came out that day. And she puted out that video on Facebook and I was watching it and I found "the dark one" hot so next day in school I aksed her about what their names was and who had which name and I found out "the dark one" was Zayn, the one with blonde hair was Niall, The one with the big curls was Harry, the one who sang ind the start was Liam, the one with the stripes was Louis and together they was One Direction an english boyband from the Xfactor. The song was called "What makes you beautiful" and I really liked it. And them cause they were so hot.

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