Judgement - A Hunger Games fanfiction.

"Two tributes from each district must go into the arena, and they must all fight until death."

Emerald has always hated everything about the games, even though she is from the number one district of the 'Career Tributes', who are trained for the arena.
But when she gets drawn out of the pool of names at the Reaping, she decides to take on the challenge and play the terrible games fair.
- But can she do that without getting tempted to kill?

"Let the 65th annual Hunger Games begin!".


1. Murderous minds.

A thick mist is rising from the hot water, filling up the bathtub. I smile at my reflection, as the damp makes the image of myself blurry, and at last makes it impossible to tell the details of my pale face. Only color remains; my dark grey eyes, the rosy shade of my lips, and my ashy-blonde hair. I walk to the prepared bath, and turn off the steaming water, that now gives off a lightly perfumed scent. – Like lilies.

I carefully step into the tub, trying to avoid getting a shock from the sudden temperature shift. Then I sit down trying to relax, knowing that this day will be anything but soothing from now on. Today is the reaping. A horrifying event, taking place every year here in District 1, and in the rest of Panem.


It’s not even the worst part of everything, the Reaping. It’s just the one event that feels closest to us; to my family, to my friends, and to me. Even though most people here see it as a sport – and my district is the number one producer of the ‘career tributes’, who gets trained for the arena throughout their whole life, and think of participating in the games as a great honor – I can’t take the thought of it. And even less, the Capitol that make us participate.

Every time I see a person step up on that stage, year after year, I want to cry out their name, and volunteer for them. Spare them their life. But I am too vulnerable to do that, even though I want to. I can’t do it. I can’t lose my family, or my life. I just… don’t have the guts I guess. I duck my head under the sweet water, holding my breath. I soak my long hair for some seconds, and then return to the surface. Beside the tub is a shelf of different things, used in bath. I rarely use the pink sponges lying there, and even less the scented candles or the grained moisturizing liquid. I grab a purple jar containing my mother’s homemade shampoo, and gently rub the light yellow soap into my scalp, slowly moving down to the roots of my hair.

I giggle as the light honeysuckle-like scent fills the air around me, and mix with the surrounding mist. I duck my head again, and carefully rinse out any shampoo from my hair. Then I step out of the tub, and wrap my hair and body in clean towels, I lay out before I prepared the bath.


I gently brush my hair after drying my body. My mother spent hours sewing a dress for me, a rather lovely one actually, for this ‘big day’. I find it lying on the floor, right in front of the bathroom door. I quickly get back in front of the mirror, and put the dress on. I smile at the sight, and how much effort she has put into it. The fabric is light and summery, and the color is a creamy white. A bright yellow ribbon is tied around the waste, and makes it seem a lot more festive. Like this day is something to be so happy about. They make us treat these games like a festivity. Like it’s something to celebrate. District 1, 2, 3, and 4 doesn’t care. Or mind. Actually, I think they all just go with it. But the rest of the districts know it’s wrong, and suffer in silence. Even though I am sure that I won’t get to be in the games – I have a chance of having my name drawn at the Reaping, but if that situation should occur I am absolutely sure someone else will volunteer, some of the young girls that have been trained for it – I pity anyone that will.


Some people actually think that I would fit for a career tribute. I am one of the best survivors in our district – and I have been trained in several fighting-techniques since I was four. And then I am very athletic.  But all of that has always been for fun, and I have never intended to use any of it in real life. I’ll leave The Hunger Games, for the ones with murderous minds.

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