The Craft

When I was a young girl, I would love life and the fire within it. Whether it is a fireplace, or a candle, I would always sit and enjoy the welcoming warmth wiht a smile. I can still see the flame burn, lick, and consume whatever I decided to put into it. I loved to listen to the slow, continuous popping as that of corn. Sometimes I find my hand mechanically reach out towards the element, ready to grasp it forever. Not for the burn, or the hurt, no but for the amazingness it brought. But little did I know the irony of my old ways. For soon I would touch that fire, yes, but never in a way that anyone would have ever expected. This is the story of I, Isabel Franks.


2. The Stranger

With Dimitri's arms still encircling me, i feel like my heart  is going to fly out of my chest. But, unfortunately that can't happen quite yet. A quick rap at the door slaps the two of us into reality. I realised for the first time that the others were no longer with us. Not Rose, Jack, or Lily were anywhere to be found in the quiet house. I felt Dimitri stiffen under me.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. There was something in his eyes that wasn't there befrore. There was fear, confusion, and just a glimmer of the passion he showed me in the back yard.

"Nothing its just..." his voice trailed off and the knocking at the door continued. More rapid and urgent.

"I wonder who that could be.." I said to myself. I started for the door when Dimitri grabbed hold of my wrist, stopping me from reaching the door handle.

"Don't" he warned, "allow me, please." He released my hand and continued the rest of the way to the door. Then he stopped, glancing over his shoulder. He looked at me with those brown eyes, and a sence of contentment suddenly spread through me. Odd, for the emotions that were with me a moment ago were nothing close to happiness. There was fear, but at the same time desire. I guess it doesn't matter now. All i can think about after that look was how happy i suddenly became.

Dimitri reached for the handle and reluctantly slid the door open. I gasped. There was a man now standing directly infront of DImitri and I. "Isabel." he said. His voice was chilling, sending a shiver down my spine. But, at the same time. that voice was husky, and lively, like every secret of the world was hidden behind it.

"Who are you?" Dimitri ordered. His voice was hard, stable.

"I am Alistair. What, you do not remember me Dimitri?" A sly smile formed on the edges of his mouth as he spoke.

"Shit'" Dimitri cussed under his breath, "Come on Isabel. We have to go. NOW." While saying this, he grabbed my hand and ran with me across the house to the back door.

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