Congo and Shanaynay a Love story -The Chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

First love, Last love it's only Love


1. Honey Dip


"Fam am telling you, am glad you got rid of that Nutbar" Benjy coughed as he spoke over the headset to Congo.

"She had some serious rage issues" continued Benjy.

Congo smiled " The make up sex was epic, a passer by would think it was domestic abuse."

"Haha she looked like she had a strong arm" Benjy scoffed.

"Shut your mouth and get your game face on , we about to Gears of war it up bruv."

After the intense team death match. Congo seat down on his bed,  took off his headset and recalled  the day he met Shanaynay Cole.

It was a usual day in the Hudd, grey cold with an extra layer of grey. Congo was taking a short cut through Norman Park, when he heard a voice of an angel shouting.

"HoneyDip" .."HoneyDip" "HoneyDip"


Congo's eyes searched for the source of the angel voice. His eyes soon fixed on a pretty lady about 5ft 7 long dark hair that ended in curls to her shoulders.

She was clothed in a black funnel neck leather jacket, blatantly Primark, but Congo wasn't one to judge. The lady was wearing the tightest stone blue washed skinny jeans, had she been a boy , Congo would of been able to tell her religion.

On her feet she donned pink uggs, This girl was clearly a fan of Joey Essex from The Only way is Essex.

Congo was an undercover watcher of  Dramality shows . Jersey Shore , Made In Chelsea .He would never admit it but he would never miss an episode they brought him too much joy.


"Hey have you lost your dog or something?" Congo investigated . 


The angel voiced girl turned to face him, her dark curls swept across her face, like in the movies . Congo was taken aback by her beautiful light shade of brown  eyes .


"Yes." She interrupted Congo's thought pattern.

"My dog used to run down Clayton Dike all the time..". Congo lied..


Congo never had a dog, you got two people in this world. Cat people and Dog people or as Congo liked to think Snoozers and walkers.The idea of getting up four bells in the morning to walk a dog and pick up its shit was stupid.

Cats snooze all day and dont require walks .A little stoke here and there then back to the Xbox. None of this leg humping barking craziness. 

Presenting her hand, the angel voiced girl announced.

"My name is Shanaynay."


Congo grasped the hand gently turned the back of  her hand up and kissed it, like a knight of old. Creepy yes but it usually works in charming the ladies.

Looking up into her eyes Congo sang his name " Nice to meet you, Shanaynay my name is Congo" 


"Congo" Replied Shanaynay , her nose wrinkled as she analysed the name in her mind.


Congo was besotted with that wrinkle,that nose, that face... that everything.

" Yeah "C" to the "O" to the "N" to the "G" to the "O" watch my lyrical flow."  


Shanaynay laughed. Congo hoped it was with him rather then at him.


He wanted to finish his lyrical flow by saying " ...They call me Congo!" but decided to stop while he was ahead.  And smiled instead. Wondering what to say next....

As usual his mind was only focused on primal urges to hit her over the head with a club and drag her back to his cave.


As a godsend a tan Pug with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail bumped into Congo's  right leg.

His first reaction was to kick the rat type creature until Shanaynay screamed  " Honey Dip"


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