Congo and Shanaynay a Love story -The Chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

First love, Last love it's only Love


2. Getting it IN


"First off bro you don't want to give her the good dik just yet, you wanna give her the so so dik "  Chilli said with a sincere face. Miming  someone cocking a gauge shotgun at penis level. " Click Click BOOM!"


"No No you have to mash that pum UP fam, choke holds, donkey punches and all sorts." Butted in Ovo, grabbing an imaginary throat and grimacing. 


"Don't listen to them fools! They both been single for  years.What you got to do is act like a complete twat and she will love you for it " Kev beamed as he took another hit off his zoot.


Congo piped up "Guys, guys I've not even  called her yet. I got the number and plan to call her to... ... "


"Get it in! " Chill Ovo and kev shouted at the same time with childish grins.

  Congo waved his hand dismissively " You guys are PumPum crazy   "


"Mate!" , Benjy entered the room cradling 3  boxes of Niceday Pizzas

" You cant be yourself, for one, you have already lied to this bint about having a dog. Your whole future relationship is a lie."


Benjy placed down the boxes and opened the lids to reveal freshly cooked thin pan,  Tandoori chicken and Tuna pizzas. 

As what was tradition the boys all stood,  looked at each other and in Tony Sopranos , New Jersey  accent  bellowed



The boys attacked the pizzas like it was a fallen wildebeest  Inbetween mouthfuls, their conversations continued.


" You should take her to The Afterparty, I hear Subfocus is playing this Friday." Kev said before shoving another pizza slice into his face.


"Mate thats a great idea, I know Tuborg on the door, he could get us in for free, which will give you some super Brownie points , and what do Brownie points mean!?!" Benjy asked the group.


In unison Kev,Ovo and Chilli sang out " PUMPUM!"


Congo laughed. " A free nightout sounds fun yeah ,for a change you boys have actually come up with a decent plan."


Chilli placed his arm around Congo and looked into his eyes. " You can't go wrong bruv, all I ask is that when you "Get it in"  can I watch, I wont even join in ....."

Congo pushed off chilli's arm off and replied " No you cant watch you pig ....unless you play a subscription fee."


The boys laughed and continued to demolish their pizza.

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